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I'm so glad to see everyone here! My gym carries the Cybex machines, so that's what I use. I'm not any kind of serious weight lifter....not compared to some of the ladies I see at the gym. But, I do go 3-4 times a week and like you said CM, it's my favorite part of working out. I do some walking & elyptical machines too, but it's like fighting a losing cardio battle for me as my pregnancy progresses. The Cybex machines are what keep me going. I love feeling...
Probably sounds a little bizarre to some, but I love it and thought I'd see if there's anyone else here that loves to work out & lift weights/circuit train. :
Quote: here i lay at 32 wks holding on to the world's strongest baby! i swear somedays it feels like she's gonna kick right outta my stomach! Oh, congratulations mama! That is just so wonderfully put. May she stay on the inside a good long time. Quote: I kept telling her that we had to replace her, and that we would name the new baby after her so that we would not be lonely! Quote: My house feels a...
Abigailgrace ~ my oldest is out of the house too. She's had her own apartment for the last two years. I was so sad when she moved out, but now that some time has passed I feel pretty good about it. And there are benefits. Something funny...it's funny but it feels so strange to have such an old, adult daughter, and know that I am pregnant with a tiny newborn. I love it, but it's strange. When I was at my second level ultrasound the peri thought we were sisters. ...
Hi mamas ~ I'm in. 21 weeks pregnant, a sweet darling little boy, 7th child. Will be birthing UC again if all goes well. AND, I think I officially win the award for oldest mother.....I am 44 & will be 44 at the birth. Pookietooth - I think I just kicked your ass too since I see you are not yet 44. Is there a tiara or something for this??
It sounds like a subchorionic hematoma. Ask your doctors to tell you if that is what they've seen on the ultrasound. Some won't mention it because they don't see it as a big deal and it usually resolves itelf. Also, google subchorionic hematoma & you'll get lots of information.
OP, after thinking today I wanted to add something about the word normal. I remember when my baby was breech for so long, I really worried about her position. I knew that breech presentation carried more risk with it, so those risks were important to consider and take seriously, but I felt like my worries kind of took on a life of their own. When I remembered that phrase, variation of normal, that helped me remember that all else was well with her. I know people use...
I'm not sure which state you live in, but when I lived in PA I chose to just include a few examples of her writing within her portfolio. She & I just sat down together & purposefully wrote out a few things for show. I helped siginificantly. My daughter loved to read, but hated writing so.... you get the idea.
You're welcome Jillian, and hang in there!! Try to remember that despite your care providers making a big deal out of this, a breech presentation is just a variation of normal. It's perfectly normal and whatever position your baby girl chooses for birth, it's the perfect one for her.
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