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Hello everyone!   I was previously enrolled in Midwest Maternal Child Institute and National College but after moving to a state that does not require a MEAC's education I dropped the didactic courses and have gone full PEP process. I am about 1/4 of the way through my clinicals and anxious to finish up so I can join my midwife's/preceptor's birth center that she will be opening.
Hello to all...my husband recently got a job in Milwaukee and we will be moving in the next 10 days. I am currently 29 weeks pregnant and having a homebirth and am looking for a photographer (preferably a women) who would want to take birth photos at the birth. I have contacted several from a google search but none so far are willing to do a birth shoot. I was hoping someone here might know of someone in the area who would be willing to shot the birth? Thanks in advance.
Does anyone have a link to there site (if there is one)? I would love to check it out and talk with the midwife who will be running it about doing my clinicals there. Thanks
Yes i mean a CNM...i need them to sign off on my clinicals. Do you have any idea why they dont do births? I know about Dana but need more experience and births then she can give me, which is why i was looking for a CNM that does hospital birth...so i can get my clinicals done before i graduate next April so i can sit the NARM in Aug.
I have searched for a CNM in my area (St Peters, MO) and either i am missing something or there isnt any near me? I need to find one so i can hopefully do my clinicals with them. Someone help please.
We are unschoolers....we recently moved from Chicago to St Peters. I have 3 kids (so far) Landen (almost 6) Gage (almost 4) and Seven (17 months)
I have a friend wanting a homebirth near STL. Any recommendations you can give me? Or someone to talk to? Thanks
So we just moved to St Peters, MO from IL. I am looking for a family practice doctor for our family. Preferably a D.O. but am fine with an allopath as long as they are non-vax friendly. If anyone knows of a N.D that would be even better.
Well moving to a suburb of STL anyway...St Peters. We are pretty excited. It seems like a nice area. I am very excited to start a babywearing group in the area since there isnt one. I have already found a co-leader and our first meeting will have 5 people (not including us) which is pretty good i think. My only problem now is....i need to find a midwife to apprentice with. Anyone know of a CPM/DEM in the STL/St Peters area?
My birth photo's that are on this video ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwVU_gkKO-4 ) were taken by this women (she's fantastic and does all our family photos also) http://www.printroom.com/studio_home...devphotography
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