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You are automatically enrolled in Florida, but you can opt out. Here is the form to opt out http://www.flshots.org/_pdfs/OptOutDH-1478.pdf
I guess she would have to determine when her DS started showing symptoms and if it related to when he got a vaccine. The article I attached says that it is either acute (developing over hours or days) or subacute (developing over 1 to 2 weeks). If she started noticing symptoms shortly after him receiving say, for instance, the chickenpox vaccine, then I would think she would have something to go with there. I guess the next step would be getting a lawyer to hear her...
This mentions chickenpox and rabies vaccines: http://www.ninds.nih.gov/disorders/t...semyelitis.htm
Quote: Originally Posted by nataliachick7 yes, the cdc admits there are more vaccine reactions than deaths from vpd's. That would make sense. Now, how about just deaths from each? Is there anything stating "this" many of deaths happen from the MMR vaccine and "this" many deaths happen from measles, mumps or rubella (for instance)?
Quote: Originally Posted by Emmeline II No. The CDC estimates that only 10% of vax reactions are reported. There would have to be an honest accouning of vaccine reactions to even begin to make a comparison. That's kind of what I figured. I guess it would be really difficult to get accurate figures. That's really a shame though. Something like that would be quite helpful for parents when considering the pros and cons for each. I'm sure...
It still amazes me that parents have this done to their tiny, innocent babies. :
Is there any information available with a side-by-side comparison of statistics for complications from vaccine versus complication from disease (for example: 1,000 deaths a year from disease prior to vax being introduced versus 200 deaths from vaccination - for each given disease)? Just curious.
Quote: Originally Posted by cravenab00 does number 3 sound to anyone else like the Scarlet Letter, or Salem, Mass.? That's exactly the first thought that came to my mind as I was reading the list. Yikes - scary stuff!
Quote: Originally Posted by mamakay 2 points for Dr. Sears! (he just redeemed himself in my mind and made up for getting the Hib stuf wrong...lol) LOL Yeah....I'm not sure where he got his figures for the HIB info. I wonder why he says that the vaccine came into use in the mid-1980s???
Quote: Originally Posted by mamakay Did he go with the whole prevax "20,000 cases of congenital rubella syndrome" figure, too? "There used to be about 100,000 cases (of rubella) per year, but with universal vaccination this decreased to about 250 cases each year in recent decades. In the past few years, only about 20 cases have been reported each year in the U.S." "Over the past two decades about 10 babies have been born with CRS each...
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