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bemommy: Argh! We missed our chance. We were just north of you yesterday.
Congratulations! Happy Babymoon!  And, Thanks for the update.
Does anyone have a scroll saw that they really like and would recommend to someone with some woodworking experience?   DH has read many negative reviews of scroll saws. The only positive reviews that he has seen are for a scroll saw that is around $600 - way out of our price range.   Thanks!
I began by looking at the AHEM site.
    :) My local L&D had the same effect on me four years ago. May you have a peaceful birth.
MT and woven wrap. One shouldered carriers don't work for us. I still occasionally used the woven wrap w/ our 4yo.
Have you tried any of the local farmers' markets?
We use plastic lunch trays. They're shallow and contain the creativity.
How are transitions going? Transitions are tough. Beth talked about them during the conference call last month and said that the humming of the transition song starts a while before the next activity started. I tend to want the transition to happen when I start singing. This isn't the intention. After watching the GR1 video on transitions, I got a better understanding of what she meant. During the video, she hummed the song, five, six, or seven times and went about her...
We h/s but have not heard about a state curriculum. AHEM has a lot of info about h/s in Mass. There is a Worcester area h/s yahoo group called WorcesterHEN.
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