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on Sunday @ 8 wks even Niairah was 11lbs 14oz and 23.5 inches long She's my biggest baby. My 1st baby born over 7lbs, and just the largest at each age/stage so far.
were I in your situation - yes. absolutely. so sorry you are going thru this
Quote: Originally Posted by AnneCordelia Congratulations mama!!! A beautiful little girl...what fortune! May I ask how you pronounce her name? Nigh-Are-Ah
Congratulations! Hope you are enjoying your babymoon!
maybe . I walked around the mall for 2 hrs earlier today and now I'm pretty much in labor.
It's happening! woot! All week long I have been having what I call "a labor of convenience". Where I put the kids to bed at 8/8:30, contrax start by 8:45 and are pretty consistent until I get tired and need to go to bed about 11/11:30pm. Thursday night DH took me for a long walk, and when we got back the contrax were intense. But still went away at bedtime. Friday I had some contrax in the AM up untill noon, but they went away and after the kids went to bed I...
Quote: Originally Posted by Galatea Wow, really?! And the weird thing is your username randomly popped into my head today! lol. Yep! if it's a boy we are going with Savion Mattias. I can't wait for pictures
Me! i'm still pregnant! my due-date was yesterday and I've been having weird labor/not labor for 4 days. Every night after the kids go to bed but stopping by time I go to bed... about 4.5 hrs of solid contractions. Today all the kids are out of the house, and DH is doing me some favors. So I am hoping to get enough rest and relaxation where if contrax show up again tonight I would have the energy to go into baby-producing labor.
Congrats!! I'm sooo happy for you! and also quietly lmao because our super-secret baby boy name apparently was yours as well!
yeah! Congratulations BBM! and he does look just soooooooo cute in that picture!
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