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I successfully breastfed my twin girls exclusively until they were 8 months old, when they began nibbling food off my plate. They are still nursing 3 or so times a day at 18 months old.  My suggestions are to: get a twin nursing pillow (I think mine was called EZ 2 Nurse?), drink a LOT of water, learn how to nurse both babies while side-lying (this was my life-saver, as I have two pre-school age boys, as well, and this enabled us all to get some sleep) and don't give up!  
I have a 2 year old niece with a similar situation. I'm very interested to hear what others offer for suggestions. 
I'm an infrequent poster and regular lurker. My family and I moved to Mount Vernon in May. Thankfully, in that time, we haven't needed a doctor. However, at work at a vet clinic, I got bitten by a ferret, then unknowingly cleaned up the urine of a leptospirosis-positive dog. Work is willing to pay for a physical and lepto test, but as long as I'm finding a doc/gp/pa/etc for myself, I'd really like to find one for my two ds's, who are currently unvaxed (and I'm planning to...
Teeni dh: Trevor ds 28 months: Silas ds 10 months: Rowan
My 2 yo ds has always worn soft-soled "shoes." When is it ok/safe to switch to soled shoes? I've searched threads here, but I'm not finding any definitive info? And what are some good choices when the time comes? Thanks in advance! Teeni
I LOVE my Beco 4th Generation. I got my sis a Pikkolo, she loves it, and it is very similar to the Beco 4th Generation. I just got a Beco Butterfly, and I think it's complicated after using the 4th Gen for so long. If I had never gotten used to the 4th Gen, I think the butterfly would be a good choice. I'm not giving up on it, once it's on, it's comfortable for both of us, but getting it on is a real production after the ease of the 4th Gen.
Today I am ordering 2 large super brite bummis and a dozen brown edge prefolds from Green Mountain. Do I need snappis? My DS just turned 2, is using the potty with some consistency during the day, so these will be for outings and possibly overnight. Any advice would be appreciated as far as size of covers -vs- prefolds and whether I need snappis or not. Thanks in advance! Teeni
Treasuremapper, What I would do is keep the recommended percentages toward the lower end, and have school costs be a separate category of the budget. Or consider it part of the personal category, and go more toward the higher end of the scale in that area?
We base the recommendations off of our net pay. The high end of the numbers DOES NOT add up to 100%, but the low end of the numbers only adds up to around 80 or so. You need to find a balance that works, but obviously is 100% or less. College saving for kids is baby step 5, which comes AFTER paying off ALL debt, having 3-6 months expenses in savings and investing 15% of income into Roth IRA's and pre-tax retirement plans. Hope that helps.
From Financial Peace University: (With the caveat that if you have unusually high OR low income, these numbers could change dramatically.) Charitable gifts: 10% Saving: 10% Housing: 25-35% Utilities: 5-10% Food: 5-15% Transportation: 10=15% Clothing: 2-7% Medical/health: 5-10% Personal: 5-10% Recreation: 5-10% Debts: 5-10% FWIW!
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