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  I don't follow. You have unreliable care but you have a plan in the event of transfer? Is your issue with your mother or her tipping the scale into too many people zone?  My homebirths were smooth and no one was ultimately needed to watch the kids but we did have my mom fill that role. She watched the kids and didn't hover. I'd feel terrible if an emergency transfer was needed and, because it can't be planned, my SO would likely have to stay home with the kids. Not only...
I happen to find the the OP rather trollish. I sure hope that's the case rather than the alternative of someone too self absorbed and dense to care for their own child. 
  Interesting. I had a (GBS+ no antibiotic) homebirth so maybe that's why my experience was different, but nothing special was done. My MW visited the day after birth and three days after as she normally would. I went into the MW office and had a pediatrician appointment two weeks later as any mama and baby would. Neither the MW or the ped were at all worried either prior to or after birth. I have no idea how this would have been different had my son been born in the...
I eat what I want to eat. 
Naming so many of one sex is difficult. I've named four boys and somehow they all have the perfect name. It'll come to you.  
Oh no, I was just curious (nosey) to follow how you're doing and feeling . It's interesting! My sciatica is rough stuff.  
My MIL is similar. She comes ASAP after birth and expects to hold the baby while I don't nap, don't nurse, don't do any of the things I'd like to do with my freshly born baby. Then she leaves without helping at all and basically has nothing to do with the kid for the rest of its life. This time she can wait a minute for her one and only visit. My SO won't like that bit of news, but tough.    
I have a little Liam  Bummer to have to deal with placenta stress. I surely hope it scoots on up like your MW anticipates. 
Baby #: seven Baby's sex: girl Name picked: Opal Weight gained so far: 11? 15?  Cravings: I love all the food.  Aversions: no Pregnancy Work-Out Plan: I'm in better shape than I have been in a hot minute and plan to continue pushing myself. Birth Plan: another home water birth   p.s. I cannot see my feet unless I bend over and this isn't quite halfway for me       
Onesies and cozy, footed sleepers. Hats. Bankets to put over and tuck around her while in the carseat. That's pretty much it. After all these babies in all these years that's what works best for me. 
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