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The villian in Kung Fu Panda is a very scary snow leopard-and there's quite a bit of intense sparring, plus a death or two, I believe. My sensitive 5 yo dd had a hard time w/those scenes.
oh jeez, that totally made me cry. and my youngest was sitting on my lap, picking up on my trying not to, and she loudly asked if I was (her teacher and her family were sitting behind us, lol)
it was wonderful-my 2 dds and I saw it today and we all loved it (even my oldest, who is very anti-princess.) It was a valentine to many things-vintage Disney, New Orleans, food, jazz, to name a few!
I have sensory issues, anxiety and panic issues that took me a long time to overcome, and I've often thought I display Aspbergeresque characteristics. I used to have that phobia about people looking at me. There are quite a few others. The hard thing is I've always been highly "functional" throughout my life, and it's quite often exhausting. I was highly stressed about life until I was in my 30s.
It sounds like you have a good sense of something that's not right about her-and yes, I have people in my life who are emotionally stunted and afraid of intimacy & try to compensate for it by giving lavish gifts. At least that's my armchair diagnosis. You have every right to not trust her if your instincts are warning you not to.
yes, I would have-I figure these people work very hard for their money and they deserve more than what they probably earn! Especially those that go above and beyond. There's a fellow that does work for us and from the very beginning he was so helpful and did such a good job-we really appreciate all he does and that's a good way to show it. Another way to show appreciation that I do if warranted is write a letter or send an email to their employer. That's good karma for...
yes, one thing I've learned is to get all the details first before involving dc, because I may end up wanting to decline.
Anything by Sally Potter. http://www.sallypotter.com/ Angels and Insects is gorgeous.
Have more of a sense of humor about everything. Play guitar better. Attract enriching and fun experiences and people.
ugh, thanks for scoring one for those of us who have had to listen to such conversations. one time I had to listen to a woman having a conversation with her cell phone carrier about each.and.every.different plan they offered-through the entire length of my daughter's ballet class! I can only hope this woman was her!
New Posts  All Forums: