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I use anything that doesn't have sodium lauryl sulfate, etc. in them. Wen (this is actually a cleansing conditioner) http://www.wenhaircare.com/index.php...S|e|3649601086 John Masters http://www.johnmasters.com/haircare.htm and this brand is carried in drugstores: http://www.drugstore.com/templates/b...ked%20naturals I also like Kiehls and Aveda.
The toy is for all, but if I were in that situation and saw the mix of children wasn't overly compatible, I would tell my toddler the other children were playing with it and there were other toys to play with. I don't have high expectations of situations like that and honestly, I don't see the benefit or learning opportunity of my toddlers being in random situations like that. I always had the attitude of if it works, great-if not-no biggie! We can play at home.
for me it's because the commercial features an entire stadium row of people wearing them outdoors at a sporting event. all in different colors of course!
I'm sad that this, along with letters, is a dying art.
We got a female Bouvier puppy this summer for the same reason (large dog deterrent.) I had them growing up and know the breed well. Here are some pluses and minuses if you're interested: Pluses very devoted to family not aggressive or hyper smart calm likes to be around their people, but not in their laps great watchdogs great with kids not big shedders, per se, but see below Minuses Smelly, lol Their coat requires considerable grooming-monthly trims...
naartjie. the dresses might be a little more than $20, but the styling is so pretty.
good luck-we looked for 2 years for our house and it paid off. updating a house is a major PITA and always ends up costing more than you anticipate-and it's not pleasant to just live with 70s fixtures when you feel you overpaid. It's not just that extra 17k, you'd need to spend $$k to update. I would have walked, too-hang in there!
my grandmother was queen of the hot dish-some type of protein, a can of cream of mushroom, noodles, and potato chips on top. there was one hot dish in particular that I thought was the most delicious thing ever-noodles, ground meat and canned corn. that was it! I also ate a lot of weiners-handmade by the butchers' at least, but packed with preservatives, I'm sure.
my youngest daughter was born when my oldest daughter was 3.5. let's see-according to my oldest her arrival "ruined her life forever." The oldest was VERY much on her way to only-childness, and was VERY attached to me. Basically, she was a pill to her sister until the youngest turned 6. I have had to be very firm with her (oldest) and basically teach her how she should treat her sister. But something happened recently and she changed completely, thank heavens. It was hard...
It seems more often than not with Top Chef, when the-not-so-nice cheftestant wins, I have to remind myself that most chefs aren't so nice! Personality and likeability certainly don't seem to factor in much at judges' table. I was really disappointed when Kevin didn't win, but I missed most of the finale and the prior challenge where the woman went home. Once I saw that footage I understood why Michael won and Kevin didn't. So I'll be a good sport and say he deserved to...
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