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We moved into a new house recently and the house has a mezuzah on the front doorframe. Though we're not Jewish, we're keeping it out of respect for the history of the house and what the mezuzah symbolizes (I'd rather have something like that than an alarm system,) but I'm just curious-is there a "proper" way to remove one? I feel like only certain people are supposed to touch them?
nag champa is my fave-this variety: http://www.google.com/products/catal...wAw#ps-sellers cheap incense makes me ill-this one never has.
I moved to NYC the day I graduated from college. I had grown up in the South and at the time couldn't wait to put it in the rearview mirror! I went to the city with no job, no prospects and took my chances. Lived there for over 15 years, during which time I met dh and we decided to leave and start a family elsewhere. We ended up in SoCal because of dh's job, and we liked the climate/lifestyle. So my first move was to more to move away from something, and the second was...
my six year old is in junior chorus, and lessons have been mentioned to me-she surprised us all by how she can belt out a song! I don't see the need for lessons beyond what she learns in chorus though-my feeling is she's too young to fully understand.
I would just offer this advice for maintaining perspective-know that the people around you are entitled to their feelings about the situation but it's not their place to judge, and you don't need to punish yourself. Hold your head high and live your life. Know that there's something bigger than you, than your parents, than anyone else around you, that is calling the shots and deciding now is the time for this new life to be created.
I braised a double batch of goulash (with hot paprika) and in addition to the beef I threw in some homemade polish sausages. And baked a loaf of bread. Go Kevin!
well, not quite what you requested, but my mom was 19 when she had me. Although I respect what she went through at that age and the challenges she faced, I do think she would have coped with becoming a parent better as a 40 year old. I had my first at 35, and my last at 38 and I certainly know where you're coming from. When I catch myself calculating how old I'll be when they're x, y, z, I remind myself that today's 50 is so youthful.
well, this is not for the health conscious or vegetarian-and I assure you, we eat this once a year! I typically serve a savory dish and a sweet dish-monkey bread for the kids, and the savory dish is homemade beef hash. We do a prime rib for Christmas eve and the leftovers go into it. I have to say, if you slop a big spoonfool of that on my plate, top it with a sunny side up egg and hand me a bloody mary it's about as close to heaven as it gets. Then the next day we go...
http://www.sundancecatalog.com/CATEGORY/Jewelry.html great finds in the outlet!
I'm not a cold weather mama, but when we go skiing I like Kefas boots-they're super lightweight but very cozy and well made. http://www.6pm.com/womens-kefas-boots
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