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Still trying to decide: ...at least I know what size I am...
I LOVE the pink lotus print (even though will be carrying around DS! ) but I can't decide on my free one (the buy 1 get 1 free sale). I think I like the giraffe, but is it too weird? http://www.withchildgifts.com/index.html Money is tight so I don't want to get something ugly...
Sorry, double post...
I carried DS1 (35lbs at 21 months!)around the house all the time until DS2 was born. Pouch worked best for us, but also used a MT.
We are finally going to stop renting! We're looking for some country land to build on and have had terrible luck so far. A listing for 88 acres just went up on the market today, though. We wondered if it was worth contacting the seller/realtor about buying just 1 or 2 acres out of that 88. Is that ever done? It's in the perfect area, very beautiful countryside!
Thanks so much mamas!
I'm starting a little online business selling my handmade goods, but beyond getting a business, where do I start? I can't just call up the IRS and say, "hey, tell me exactly how much I have to pay you?" KWIM? Do I pay taxes on all I bring in after a sale or on my profit only? Any WAHM with web only businesses please help!
I was about to write this same post!!! I too have a 2 month old who hasn't pooped since last Sunday. He also cries when he has gas and when I called the doctor, they said to just give him sugar water. He's exclusively breastfed and has been nursing regularly. Please help us both, mamas!!!
My new little guy is doing the same thing, too. I also have an overactive letdown/oversupply, but have noticed it gets better when I swaddle him...
If you had an extra $79, which one would you get?!? http://www.withchildgifts.com/meitai.html I'd go with the EvenStar one. DS # 2 will be big enough to hold his head up soon and this would be soooo cool! Sorry, I'm kind of an LOTR freak
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