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I'd say a wrap for very new babies and then a mei tai.
When pregnant with DS 1, I had a few bouts of severe nausea and lots of food adversions until at least 20 weeks. With this one (another boy), I had bad nausea every single day of my first trimester, then it was gone. And no food adversions this time.
How many of you are planning to give your babies or have given you kids more than 1 middle name? My husband hates the idea of anything but a first, middle and last name. I, however, REALLY want to have 2 middle names for our baby boy. We've at least agreed on one first and one middle name so far, but I just have this overwhelming desire for one more middle name. Any advice on how to change his mind?
Our little boy will be Rowan Lucius.
Just found out this afternoon!
This is fun! Sex of baby: My guess is a boy Due date: March 11 Date baby born: Feb 26th Where: Columbia Memorial Hospital Length of labor: 3 hours Weight: 8lbs 1oz Length: 19 in Other: Water will break and I will labor more at home this time, have a few less people in the room with me during the birth, and push for only a few minutes!
Wow! So many replies to my little question! Thank you all for your insight
Thank you, Nora'sMama!
So I'm due in March with #2 and if it's a boy (which I'm almost certain it is) we decided to name him Rowan. My husband wanted a good old-fashioned English name (his heritage) since I picked an Irish name for #1--plus the rowan tree has special meaning for me. The thing is, when people ask our name ideas and we tell them Rowan, they often say, "I thought that was a girl's name." We're still dead set on Rowan, but it makes me wonder...is it a boy or girl's name? What...
We've decided on: Carys for a girl (means "to love"). No middle name picked out yet. Rowan Lucius for a boy. The rowan tree has special meaning for me and Lucius means "light." I love all the names you all have picked out! They are just so beautiful!
New Posts  All Forums: