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I watch the computer as every single thing is scanned in, and dispute it right there. I prefer to do the self check out to avoid this though
woohoo!! : :
Quote: Originally Posted by CarrieMF I had my gallbladder out 7 years ago, no regrets at all. I absolutely feel better. Prior to surgery in between attacks I had a nagging soreness in my abdomen. I did not know what would cause an attack, by the time i had it out WATER would cause one. I was not on any special diet after surgery & have had no problems since then. Since yours may be genetic I'd find out if the women in your family felt better after...
My son is papposed at every dentists visit. It is the best for his mental health and physical health, him fighting, kicking, screaming and ripping dentistry tools and harming himself would be a whole lot more traumatic for him. I have no qualms with the papoose board since I have to restrain my son daily as it is for other reasons and to brush his teeth. Yes it can be misused, but with a gentle caring dentist, which the op's sounds like since she wants to split the visits...
I'm at the point of my life where I respect their wants and needs. Its their body not mine, i can eat how i want, and they can do so as well. Raising an autistic child has taught me alot about just being thankful that they eat sometimes, and its not my place to control every morsel my adult partner takes in.
I had so many ideals/plans during my pregnancy, I am glad I had to eat some crow and reality bit me in the butt. I am much less judgemental of moms because of it. parenting is a hard gig! I intended on babywearing, went through 3 different types of slings and even tryed the baby bojrn, no go, I ended up with a kiddo who hated to be held let alone worn and confined in a small space. So we used a bouncy seat, jumperoo, blankie on the floor (but only on his back, he hated...
thats awful!
baby making aides?
Quote: Originally Posted by SquibsNCrackers So relaxing. BSPs, that is. And why do the bills always expand to meet any extra cash???? no idea......... but your car always needs repairs right as you get the tax check
Quote: Originally Posted by SquibsNCrackers Yeah, and this year there was also the Woohoo Free Money thingie as an incentive. As in, is that a Bush Stimulation Package in your pocket or are you just glad to see me? : yup, that was my mid year bill paying check :
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