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I'm an early filer, i like toget the money early in the year and pay bills :
Quote: Originally Posted by FancyD This is a key aspect of AP, anyway. Parenting for your child, not for yourself. Sometimes that means AP looks very different than what you's expect. ITA, we do what works for ds and I had to just throw my ideals and expectations for his life out thw window. Why fight over things and make life miserable, when something else already works.
theres a reason i avoid the news channels
Quote: Originally Posted by FancyD Oh, yeah. GD is really hard when your kid is not verbal and you're covered in bruises, and he's too smart for redirection. Pinning my kid's arms down is NOT what I thought I'd be doing. I agree, I have to pin ds down to do diaper changes and tooth brushing as well.
am I welcome? I cant drive and have no desire to learn, and being a new zealander may like gross foods?
my sig kind of explains it all I try GD also, but i yell, bribe, do time outs, use a leash, even give stickers and rewards! whatever works right now. We dont do organic foods, it costs far to much and ds only eats some sugary cereals and gerber fruit and vege puffs right now along with his pediasure. we use disposibles, a stroller, plastic toys with lots of loud noises for sensory input, we have unlimited tv time, sippy cups that probably have BPA but they have...
do you use the cotton ones from the childrens place and the gap? the gap goes up to 5t IIRC We use those for ds, and he doesnt seem to overheat in them
congrats! he looks so comfy
Quote: Originally Posted by ShaggyDaddy aspie here... I still have to fight the urge to lay down anywhere any time I am bored, stressed, or tired. ds is pdd-nos and does exactly this, he also plays with his toys and colors by laying on the floor, he watches tv in weird positions on the floor trying to squash himself with the bedrail
I'm watching Phelps right now
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