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i love gymnastics, swimming, diving and sync swimming. I sorta like the track and feild and weightlifting nbc.com has a schedule of each event and when it will play
Quote: Originally Posted by angie7 Some people just can't stand whining kids. I have 2 of them and they drive me : too word, I cant stand to be around my own ds for more than a few on bad days, unfortunatly unlike my family or freinds, i cant leave and go somewhere quiet kids are hard and can get annoying and frazzle your nerves. If I were you though, I wouldnt have pushed my in laws away, any help is help.
ds is eating daily : he is also saying "gone" and "bue" (blue for blues clues) all spontanously and unprompted along with making a snake sound and babbling alot more.: He started using PECS and it is going amazingly, he is communicating so well with it. and joy of all joys, we got aproval of ds's SSI, its just preliminary, but our payments start next month and if they do deny us evenutally (which our caseworker doubts) , we dont have to pay this back.
dont forget to look at VS when they have their clearance sales, you can pick up bras for $2.99
this one is cheap, and holds up to 55lbs http://www.walmart.com/catalog/produ...uct_id=8144155 this one goes to 50lbs http://www.walmart.com/catalog/produ...uct_id=7964363
i can do eye contact, but also do the stare through you thing
i look at mouths or noses etc, ds looks at objects, he wont even focus on your mouth 95% of the time.
if you get the brush off again, get copies of all the medical records and tests, an search/hunt down any dr who will listen...... on the phone mention the ketones in the urine. you could also try the ER if you are worried and cant get anywhere
my brother will only wear one style of black jeans and baggy band t-shirts...... thats it, all year round. he wears those jeans until the waistband literally rips away from the pants :
Quote: Originally Posted by BellinghamCrunchie You could get free PECS as a PP mentioned, and also for us taking real pictures of actual things that were in her environment worked well. I don't think she could have made the jump to more representative pictures like PECS without starting with very concrete, exact pictures. I got them uploaded to Walmart's photo center online and printed very cheap (something like eighteen cents a picture plus...
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