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be thankful you get three hours.... not to sound snarky, but really 3hrs is extremely good. and 3hrs a week is alot of work on a 21mth old, give the kid a break. Ds is always very wound up and has meltdowns all afternoon after therapy, I couldnt imagine doing a min of 20hrs a week with an outside therapist. Why not try doing techniques at home by yourself. we only get 1hr of OT and 1 of speech per week even though ds's dev ped would like 2hrs of speech a week.
I did a google search for free PECS, and many sites came up
Quote: Originally Posted by WildinTheory i desperately hope I'd never be in a situation where I would have to. Right now my DH and I live with my mom. We've never had a formal "rent" because, to be honest, that seems silly. We're a family so we all contribute to making it work. Since DH and I both have good jobs we pay all the bills. My mom buys groceries. So if DS were living with us one he's grown, my hope would be that we would have raised him...
yes, my parents charged me rent and when i wasnt employed i had to do housework to help out
if its a federal lands pass, wouldnt that mean every state must do it since its federal?
in ds's evaluation, the dr wrote "dressed in pajamas" ...... oh the horror! I just giggle at the little comments. When we go to the library all the libriarians talk to him about his cute clothes and how they wish they could be in their jammies.
I am setting up one for ds and just want to see how other people have theirs set up.
why buy clothes and force him to wear things he doesnt like? you have my permission to buy whatever he likes and wears :P ds only wears footed sleepers btw, all year round 24/7.
I'm dying here!!
IME from when dh did nights at the casino, there was no 8hr streches of sleeping going on, he was lucky if he got 4.
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