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yup, i dance with ds in my arms and sing it to him.......... why not, hes heard worse, eg iron madien
Quote: Originally Posted by PenelopeJune Are any of you embarrassed to get out your WIC checks? I was on WIC for awhile after DS was born and I always felt like people were judging me when I was using them. I felt like if I was using WIC to buy groceries, that I couldn't buy any item that might be judged to be 'extras.' (IE, chips for DH's work lunch, or whatever.) I really could use WIC now, but it's that stupid pride holding me back. Although I think...
imo its no different than ds being with me alone while dh is at work overnight or in the morning and we sleep in. ds knows how to wake us up for things he needs.
they wern't segregated when I was a kid, but i have a shelf of my own now. Ds can have most things, but we limit a couple of things. but generally if he shows interest in anything, he gets it
thats exactly how we do ours, towels and linens, adult clothes, ds's clothes.
Quote: Originally Posted by MotherWren Always stay in contact with the companies. that's the most important thing. So often they will be satisfied just to have heard from you, to know that you haven't skipped town and are just in a tight spot at the moment. And they'll be more willing to work something out with you if you get in contact asap, rather than waiting until a lot of time has passed. Just my : but dont believe what credit card...
pay the min on the phone, pay one months car ins payment and the credit card
yes, i regularly do, i check for dents and expiration dates but thats it. I got some yummy pepperidge farm cookies there last week
Quote: Originally Posted by loveandgarbage this thread has me worried. i just bought some purex free and clear concentrated to use on my pfs that will arrive tomorrow. is it really any different than the non-concentrated version? what about it is making your diapers leak? the 2x concentrated is the normal stuff with less water, the 3x small and mighty stuff or any others for HE are labeled HE.
Quote: Originally Posted by kittywitty That's weird. Maybe it's by county? Because I've lived in 3 counties and every single one has required it. The one here didn't check like the plumbing and whatnot like the others, but they sat and talked to me forever about taking care of babies like I haven't figured it out after having 3. I was part of Kane Kares, but that had nothing to do with wic, wic themselves never did an inspection.
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