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Quote: Originally Posted by kittywitty Here in IL WIC home visits are mandatory. They check to make sure your fridge and stove work, plumbing, house clean, etc. no they arn't...... I am in IL, this is my second time on WIC, making it nearly 2yrs in total i have been on it, and I have never once had a single visit or anyone suggest one.
Quote: Originally Posted by CaliMommie SAHDS-I never said that she said unlocked. It was simply a question. OP- out of curiosity, was the house unlocked or was the door open? IMO the op doesnt need to be answering questions like this right now, she needs to keep her mind and self on task to get her kids back. quibbling over minor details wont help that process. good luck with tommorow and you have the right attitude to be reunited I...
Quote: Originally Posted by race_kelly That's such a hard one. Dh and I have found that things are so much worse between us when things are really hard with ds1. We both are so tense that we snap at each other when we both really need to support each other instead. I've found that when that happens if we ask each other what we're really angry about that it often turns out that we're angry at a situation, not at each other. Time to ouselves...
I have been doing it a while, stil only done it once. And that was because of a store coupon and I happened to luck upon clearance items with coupons
concentrated isnt just for front loaders, it is to be more environmentally concious. dont like it concentrated, then get two or three empty bottles and water it down TADA same stuff your complaining about not finding. And btw, you can get purex F&C in bulk bottles at walmart, dominicks, target and meijers.
with the sheets, you could fold over about 1-2 inches of fabric at one end and use iron on hem tape to make a pocket that you just thread the rod through.
I've only spent under $1 once and it was luck
open and honest communication, and agreeing to disagree on certain issues. Also finding things we can do as a couple, even if ds has to tag along.
I would if you live in an area with cold winters, it would act as an insulator
the taxes and fees on my electric bill added over $20 onto it!! I have been trying extra hard to keep our bill low, keeping lights off until absolutly necessary, keeping the ac at 80 in the day and 76 at night (we cant sleep otherwise). And I have the useage at $47 for the summer, but those darn fees and taxes!!
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