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Ds hated babywearing from day one, infact, he hated being held in general unless he requested it by fussing in a certain way. We tryed a few different slings/wraps/carriers etc, and even just carrying him. The only time he was happy was in his stroller or bucket when we were out, or his bouncy seat and on the blanket at home. He still uses his stroller now at nearly 3yrs old.
IMO I would get an IEP so it is something they must do. Not being able to see properly would affect her learning, so it definatly fits the needs for an IEP.
to me they are, ds chubbed up very very fast on my breastmilk, we used to joke it was milkshakes not milk. But he was still very short, at 2.5mths old he had to transfer to a convertible that he just fit in because he was over the weight limit for his bucket, and unfortunatly it was just the start of a chicago winter. If we ever have another child, i will be buying the higher weight bucket.
AFAIK any ASD dx is considered for SSI
we did the phone interveiw today, it look over 1hr, and yes, they did count the car, we dont own it though, its my fil's name on the title.
does your dh have a 401K? if you put some of your paycheck towards that it lowers your total income and you may qualify
Quote: Originally Posted by spero dallaschildren? She's still here. nope, not dallas
Quote: Originally Posted by FancyD Damn, I hate it when I forget people! dawn *smooches* and a yeah that to dawn's list. me too! and I forgot boodafli, kessed, a carseat expert whos no longer here, loosegirl
briggana, individuation, acannon, aja-belly, most of the special needs moms, boingo.
for what its worth, I dont think so : I wouldnt want to take ds's chewy stick away from him for a few days while waiting for the replacement. I also try and buy mine in multiples now that ds has shown a preferance for a particular kind, so i dont have to wait for a replacement and if it goes missing on a shopping trip I have spares. www.therapro.com do free shipping on orders over $20
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