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I need to rent this again....
I have read in some info thatt came with ds's that you are supposed to check them for damage and discoloration every day and replace them as often as toothbrushes.
the graco nautalis is fairly low cost if you plan on staying ff and harnesses to 65lbs. it also turns into a booster to 100lbs. I plan on buying one for ds
no fair, the elton john one is a limited edition only in one area
I go to target just for their clearance stuff
of course, theres a reason i carry a huge handbag. I usually buy a water in there so i can get the big cup of ice, and dh usualy gets a pop and small popcorn, so they still mke money off us.
with ds we would try to redirect him to a soft surface or put a pillow underneath him. really, we just had to wait it out. he stil does it occasionally but now he does do it mostly on soft things.
Quote: Originally Posted by slsurface Russell Crowe hes actually a kiwi that claims hes an aussie : I agree with johnny depp, mmmmmmmmm sexy:
could it be how hard you are touching him that does it? ds absolutly hates soft touches, if we use hard touches he doesnt freak.
http://www.kellymom.com/health/meds/pain-meds.html as you can see from the list, there are many L2 class pain meds, and when they are needed, L3 is still safe.
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