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no its not normal, i would bring it to attention to your ped and get a swallow study.
: i have exactly what you are talking about, my mum had a cute nickname for it....... its harmless from what i can tell, I dont have any problems from it or connected to it.
Quote: Originally Posted by my3peanuts She's the one that told me last time that it would be taken care of! : ARGH! how annoying
also, call the billing dept and ask for their supervisor, and take no less, and complain to her, tell her what is going on and how you have been fighting this for a year now, and that you keep getting told something will be done and nothing happens.
Quote: Originally Posted by sapphire_chan I see it as a dress. It's slightly more than knee length. Has a waistband. The lines of the garment flare out slightly from the waistband point to the hem. It's either an empire waisted dress or a maternity shirt and she's not pregnant. Actually, if she were, I'd like the outfit because then I'd be seeing the dress as a maternity top. Aren't perceptions funny? yeah, they are really strange,...
i would fire her
to all the sickies and people who couldnt get to use their coupons
Quote: Originally Posted by attachedmamaof3 That stinks. I don't know what to tell you. I, personally, would go in and talk to them about the irony of not allowing my RELIGIOUS exemption at a religious school....but that's just me. I'd take my kid out rather than vax any day.
Quote: Originally Posted by UnschoolnMa I really love flats, but yeah some feets just aren't made for em' it seems. Dd loves them too, and we share whenever we get a pair. That may not work for much longer though if her feet keep growing the way they have been. Loving these in my fantasies right now: Rose embroidered MJ's my mum and me used to share shoes as well, but my feet kept growing
btw..... at least shes wearing panties this time :
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