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It seems like the sippy cup is a somewhat new invention. I could definitly be wrong, I would actually like to know! My parent's actually don't remember if I had a sippy cup. Drinking from a cup without the sippy part is a whole other skill. The sippy cup never seemed normal to me. My dd used a sippy cup but has recently mastered (not spill it down her shirt) to drink from a cup without a lid. The sippy cup was from "Born free." That was my favorite but now I see...
I pay 45.00 for a small box with lots of stuff, I always end up buying additional items so I pay around 120.00 per month all year. I live in Alaska and the CSA farm flys it to the village I live in. Very nice of them. Here's what it usually look like: http://simmonsfamilytwoandgrowing.bl...ith-wings.html
I have an 18 month old and a 3 month old, I wish I would have froze some meals. I just made a huge batch of vegetarian "burger" recipe. I made burgers the first night and meatballs on pasta the second. The batch makes 12 burgers total, so I separated the recipe into two bags so I could unfreeze a little at a time. I have the recipe if you want it, but you could use any veggie burger recipe.
Quote: Originally Posted by ladyslipper can I use firm tofu? that's all I have. It worked with the firm, yummy!
can I use firm tofu? that's all I have.
Quote: Originally Posted by moondiapers The LL is asknig them to keep it at 68 MIN, which means don't let it get colder than 68F. Basically if 68 is too hot for you, too bad....and the tenants pay for their own heat. oops read that wrong, that does make it unusual and unreasonable to me then, especially if the tenants pay for the heat!
Quote: Originally Posted by nym I have a small shelf along the entire length of the one wall in my living room, I lean all the pics on it, overlapped. I keep them all the same by only using black frames, and white matting. Here is a pic I like that, it looks really nice!
I don't think this is an odd request especially if the landlord pays for heating. With the price of oil (assuming it's oil powered) it's probaly better the tenants watch their use of heat, versus a higher rent to compensate for heat prices.
hello bread makers..I needed to bump this thread so I could find it easier and makes some of the wwhoney recipes.
I made this advent elf for my neice and stuffed it fool of small surprises. I couldn't afford that kathy kruse elf so I tried to make one. I am not a good sewer, in fact hardly have any experience, but I thought it came out nice. She loves pink so it lacks the traditional red and green. http://www.flickr.com/photos/missrub...7602883875249/
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