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Quote: Originally Posted by loitering One day I realized that my house had just become low-maintenence. If someone was coming over, I could turn the house from "messy" to "clean" in about 10 minutes! If the kitchen looks overwhelmingly dirty, I can get it perfect in less than 15 minutes. If I start picking stuff up in my bedroom while I'm watching a show, I can get it spotless in just 15 minutes. That's what made me feel like I had done something...
Quote: Originally Posted by kijip That lists a 401A and not 401K. 401K = 403B, 403B being the plan available to not for profit employers. I have only ever worked for non-profits, so I have a 403B. A 403 B DOES NOT have to be a TSA, it can be set up in a variety of ways by the employer. I agree with the pp on TSAs. Thanks for clearing that up for me!
I swear, and just looked at our retirement plan again. Here's the company link that explains both plans! http://www.ykhc.org/1449.cfm
THe same thing happened to me a month ago, I got in the car and it totally smelled like marijuana. I know my husband doesn't smoke pot, so then I started thinking that someone needed a warm place to smoke because it was to cold to do it outside so my open car looked nice. I lock my car now, haven't had the smell happen since.
Instead of using a mai tai, do you guys think a wrap would work on the front? I would definitly be putting my infant on the front and my toddler on my back. I don't think I could wear the infant on my hip, and I am not confident in putting infant on my back. Plus my toddler hurts my back if she is in the front for too long. Thanks
I always assumed they were different because one was called 401 retirement plan and the other was called 403(B) TAX DEFERRED ANNUITY PLAN. My husband works for a non-profit and we contribute to both a 401 and 403 is it normal to offer a 401 plan or is this a given to have for any retirement plan? If they were the same thing why wouldn't they just call it a 403 (b). That's kind of confusing to me. I must still be missing something. Are there different 401 plans like...
Quote: Originally Posted by shannyshan Dh is going to the store so what should I tell him to get to fry the tortilla's in for tacos. Yes I know not very healthy, but I eat soo good otherwise. I have never heard of frying them in coconut oil, is that some new healthy oil? I usually fry them in olive oil or even yummier butter!
Hi- you probaly don't have access to the "trading post" yet. I think you need to post like 50 times before you have access. Let me know if you have any questions, you can send me a private message also! Here are the pictures: of the actual coat: http://www.flickr.com/photos/missrub...7602063399082/ at a website: http://www.childrensneeds.com/suse_s_kinder_coat.html
I am pretty sure that a 401 and a 403 (b) are not the same thing. What you invest in a 401 is yours to take with you. Usually there is a limit to what you contribute per year. My husband can contribute 15,000 a year and we do. This is our money and it builds interest. You get penalized if you try to take it out, and can roll it over to other work places if you change jobs and want to use there retirment investment company. The 403 (b) is a percentage of your pay...
Okay! that makes sense, thanks for posting pictures for me. I understand better when I see. I have an ergo so this is great! I will post a picture soon!
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