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my three week old has a swollen breast, is this normal? Thanks for any help
does anyone have a yummy enchilada recipe?
I had the same question? Can't wait to hear the replies. I was just complaining about how much I am craving sugar lately. I scour the house trying to find anything that contains sugar. I eat these 100 percent fruit leathers when I am desperate, but they feel bad too. I currently don't want to kick my habit, but I am starting to worry about these cravings.
Quote: Originally Posted by bellabear Tonight, we're having Black bean and sweet potato enchiladas with homemade enchalada sauce How do you make your enchalada sauce???
scoop out the underside of the portabella, those flapping lines on the underside. I don't know what there called, but scoop out underside! Put some pesto on the underside, then add mozzerella, and feta cheese. drizzle some olive oil over the top. Put some olive oil on a pan and place mushrrom on the oil, broil until cheese melts, really yummy!
Try this one: I find lentils and rice to be simple, delicious and you can make extra for another meal the next day. My 16 month old seems to like it too. One cup lentils one cup brown rice 1/2 cup barley add 5 cups of water, boil all together for about 1 hour. You may need to add more water, I don't think you can ruin this recipe. Lentils should squish when you press them with your fingers. Depending on the seasoning Lentils and rice can taste like mexican...
I just tried the Fettucine with Creamy Squash Sauce, It was great! thanks for finding that recipe, my husband even liked it! Quote: Originally Posted by LizzyQ here are some from my blog: Squash Chili Over Blue Corn Waffles Spaghetti Squash Casserole Spaghetti Squash Primavera Here are recipes that I want to try soon: Fettucine with Creamy Squash Sauce Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread
Quote: Originally Posted by shelley4 here's mine.... Tiger the Lion That is some adorable lookin food and yummy lookin too!
I have been cosleeping (king size bed) with a 16 month old dd and a new born for three weeks now. She nursed a lot up until about two weeks before baby was born. I had to night wean her, because I thought two babies nursing would drive me bats. So my husband started putting dd to bed without me nursing her to sleep about two weeks before new baby. Now, in the night when she cries (if she cries, she has been sleeping through the night lately) then dh comforts her. The...
My baby is going to be three weeks on Tuesday and he spits up a lot after nursing him. I was worried at first but the doctor explained that it was okay because he was still gaining weight and this was a sign of good health. She also thought I should watch for "acid reflux" which I guess means that he is spitting up because it doesn't go down all the way and is acidy when it comes up which causes the spit up. My baby also gets a lot of air with his latch, and I am...
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