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I like to make eggplant "meatballs", my 16 month old loves it! Cube and boil and eggplant, place in bowl add some onion add some italian seasoning add 1/2 c. of bread crumbs add a little mozzerella add 1/2 c. of brown rice too if you want -Mix it all together, make balls, fry in olive oil, then place in baking dish and cover with marinara sauce and cook at about 375 for 20-30 minutes I don't have exact measurements because I try to add different stuff as long...
My daughter is 16 months old and over the course of the last 5 or 6 months she has become a night time sleeper without nursing all night. I had a second baby and decided I needed to night nurse baby #2 so that meant cutting my daughter off this month to night time nursing. She sleeps peacefully throughout the night, my husband sleeps in between us and he gets to do the soothing back to sleep if she wakes in the night and he also puts her to bed. My husband joining the...
I give toddler small apple jack pancakes, from Vegan Vittles cookbook. 3/4 c. whole wheat pastry flour, can substitute with other flour 1 t. baking powder 1/2 t. cinnamon 1/2c. non-dairy milk 1 t. vanilla extract 1 apple peeled cored and shredded 3. T of raisins (optional) Blend together fry in pan at desired size, I make them a little bigger than a silver dollar. She seems to really like them as a cold snack.
thanks for the bump. My doctor actually told me that my milk had the antibodies to protect newborn, but I am just weary of exposing newborn to germs especially since older baby sticks so many things in her mouth and is exposed to other kids frequently. I guess I have to get past the germ thing.
I just made pretty purple potatoesoup with some red potatoes. Just put them in a pot with water boiled and added corn, green onions, and green bell pepper. Tasted really good, and the purple potatoes looked really cool.
I have been going to garage sales for a long time, and can never figure out why some people try to sell there stuff for a lot or won't bargain. I mean if your trying to down size and the stuff is used...price it to sell. I have also been on the flip side of having the garage sale, and had a hard time parting with stuff for cheap. Anyways- i love making people's day with stuff they really want and finding the right price to please them and me. I have also been known to...
My daughter nurses she is 15 months old. I am going to have the baby this week because I am over due at this point. Do I have to sanitize the breasts every time older baby nurses and is sick. She is sick right now. Thanks for any suggestions or advice.
I have been using Kushie liners, they seem to work well. 15 month old daughter is a pretty consistent pooper so I know when to use them and not to use them. We have had no problem with rashes or anything and it makes clean up a lot nicer especially because we don't have a lot of water to spare where I live. My husband loves them because he doesn't like sticking his hand in the toilet or diaper to get the really sticky poopy off the diaper.
lentils, brown rice, and bulgar go a long ways. I make a big pot and change the spices around until it is gone. I love to add cheese and taco seasoning, and curry and cumin on other days. And wrap it in a tortilla. Yummy and super cheap.
my first thought is: Do you have any wood flooring under those carpets? Carpet sounds ruined to me. I have rented a steam cleaner a lot they do fine on regular carpet problems....but motor oil and tar?
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