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GoMamaMel, I'm in the same boat. My son is 7 months and has such an incredibly sensitive stomach so I'm on a no dairy/gluten/soy/nuts/legumes/eggs diet. I have no idea how I'm supposed to supplement when something as simple as bananas gives him major stomach upset/rash. Would you mind sharing your homemade formula recipe?
I thought Manitoba midwives only practiced in Winnipeg? I could be wrong though. I wish you luck!
Yes! Exactly! Everything! Can't be excited, or positive - the innocence is gone. Just gone. I sometimes want to punch people When they tell me, "oh just relax". Sure. That's the answer right? Anyhow, I totally get where you're coming from my dear.
NewMum, if you haven't yet, I'd try calling the drs mentioned in this thread to see if they're even taking on new patients.  Maybe even making appts to get in (you may have to wait for that first one).  You can always cancel them after you've spoken to your doula.  Good Luck!  
sadly yes.  In 2002 when I was pregnant with my daughter, I had my choice of midwife.  Can you believe it?!  I had one, but then we decided to do a homebirth and she didnt do them so we met with another.  We were told if we didn't click with this new one, we could try another as well.  Blows my mind to think of it!   Have you tried calling obs to see if you can get in?  (maybe you answered that already, I'm sorry!)   
Prairie Girl!  That sounds like a great class!  I may have to go check it out on Feb 29.  :)   Babywearer - did you get your midwife?
I'm hoping you do too.  :)   I dont see a need for seeing right away either, but it would nice to have the choice yk?  If I'm waiting until my 2nd tri it should be b/c I'm choosing too, not b/c there's no one available.   I don't understand how they can be so busy?  Do we just have more patients now than before?  Bizarre.....
April?!  You couldnt get in until April?!  That's insane?!  What the hell is going on with our medical system? Mothers get hounded on to 'get prenatal care get prenatal care' over and over again but we're not being seen for months or having to drive to another country?  Wow.  I knew the midwife system sucked but I didn't realize how bad the ob system was too.  I'm so sorry ladies!  
Babywearer, I have no experience with doulas, sorry I can be of more help there.     Which ob did you find?  Anyone good?  
Joy, have you tried ratemds.com?  
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