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Why homeschool? Why not? Learning at our pace, time to pursue individual passion and time together as a family.
We use a public charter school. They purchase the curriculum that I choose, or I use what they already have in their library. I meet with a teacher once a month. I use it because I like having the oversight, I like knowing that DD is staying on target. I never know what the future will hold, and if she ever had to go to PS, I'd hate for her to be at a disadvantage.
I report to a teacher, and I often take things she says too personally, as more judgmental then she truly means them. I have to often take a deep breath, and talk to someone else about what was said so I can see it from another view point, KWIM? Recently she mentioned that DD wasn't as far along in math as she'd like. I was almost in tears in my car, because in three years we've never been behind in ANYTHING! But after talking to a friend, I was able to see that yeah,...
I just put in a request for our library to purchase them, and I have them on my Paperback Swap wish list, so hopefully I'll be able to get them one way or another ;0)
ooh, I am starting Moving Beyond the Page for my DD for 3rd grade, I am TOO excited about it.
Quote: Originally Posted by TortelliniMama I've been wondering about these books: Does the family's religion play a big role? It's not mentioned on the website at all, but sometimes even homeschoolers seem to assume that hs'ing=very religious. I emailed the author and she said that it religion does NOT play a role in the book I haven't actually seen them, but she seemed to get that some of us are secular homeschoolers and wrote the books...
I have the bound, and am thinking I might have liked the looseleaf better, I hate to tear out the pages
I am subbing! This is a great thread I noticed as I was skimming someone mentioned SpiralScouts I am a Circle leader for, wow, 3 years now, and am happy to help anyone out who's getting started I am sure that the books Pagan Homeschooling and Raising Witches have been mentioned? I didn't get a change to read in depth, my kids are calling me to come and watch Ponyo
I think as with any scouting group, the amount of religion varies by the leaders and the needs of the circle. I know for my group, we have almost no discussion of religion of any kind during circle time. That being said, a good percentage of my scouts' parents are in my Coven, so we do talk about it before, and after often times, LOL! It is not a requirement for scouts to talk about, participate in or earn badges that have to do with any religion. There are badges for...
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