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I was just bummed that I did not have a waterbirth.    
Everyone has such beautiful babies!   Storm with big sister Skye   Storm 3 weeks old (taken last week)
It is late, but I still wanted to share.   Ten days past my due date and after weeks of on/off contractions, severe shooting pain in my upper thighs, combined with no sleep...I just wanted my baby to come! It was 3:00 am on November 15th and contractions were coming every 5 minutes for 3 hours.  They were feeling more intense so I called the midwife on call and she said to come in to the birth center.  We dropped the kids off at their aunties house and began our one...
Storm Noonday is here!  8:26pm on Tuesday, November 15 9 pounds 6 ounces 20.5 inches     Birth story to come (as soon as I have a chance). 
My midwife took a swab sample to see if my water broke.  She said that there were no traces of the amniotic fluid leaking, so she thinks it was just mucous.  She examined me and now I am 3-4 cm, 60-70% effaced and she could feel baby's head.  I have been losing parts of the mucous plug and have been crampy for the past few hours.  I am happy because at the very least things are progressing.  My last appointment was 2 days ago and I was only 2 cm and 20% effaced and...
I think my water broke...woke up at 2:30am with my back and butt soaked.  I stood up and noticed the blanket was wet and a small round puddle on the sheet.  My first thought was that it was urine, but I smelled it and there was no odor.   Do you think it is fine to hold off on calling the midwife for a few hours?  I am having contractions, but they are not painful and have no pattern.
Yay! Congratulations!  Jasper is such a cute little man.
She is so adorable and what a beautiful birth story!  I really enjoyed reading it.  Thanks for sharing.
Congratulations, Katie - she is beautiful!  Cannot wait to read your birth story.  
40 weeks and 4 days here and really wishing for labor to kick in before my next appointment, which is on Friday.  I am starting to worry because if baby does not come within the next few days, my midwife is going to bring up two words that I do not want to hear: HOSPITAL and INDUCTION.   Hoping we all go into labor NOW! 
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