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Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl.  I love her cheeks!
Hope your baby turns so that you have no more worries.  My first baby was frank breech and the external version was unsuccessful for us because his buttocks were already settled into my pelvis.  It was a painful experience, but I have no regrets.  It was worth trying.   Try not to worry too much.  You still have time for baby to turn on his own and if not, there is still a good chance the version will work.   Hang in there.
Congratulations on your precious baby boy!
Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences.   I am starting to suspect that the cervical check is what caused the "bloody show".   My next appointment is tomorrow and I am debating if I should ask my midwife to do another check to see if my on/off contractions are making some progress.
Hi Ladies.    It is so hard to believe that November is here.  Our babies will be here soon, but I am getting so impatient...   Last Thursday I asked my midwife to check me and she said I was 2 cm and had lots of bloody show.  She said labor should happen probably within the next few days.  Well, more than a few days have passed and every night I have been having contractions and lower back pain, but in the early am hours, the contractions just stop.  I feel...
Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl!
4 cm already!  That is awesome...I wish for that kind of progress.
  Thanks!  We get so much enjoyment from taking care of these little saltwater creatures and it is great learning and bonding time for our family.
  37 weeks (this photo was taken last week)
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