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 Twins are so special. Congrats!
Thanks for the info!  I will give them a call and check it out.
6.5 weeks pregnant and planning my second VBAC.  My son was c-section due to breech, and with my daughter, had a successful VBAC in the hospital.  Now, for baby number three, I really want to have an out of hospital birth this time.  Are there any midwives around the Berks County area that assist VBAC at a birth center?
Second VBAC.  My first VBAC was in the hospital and this time I would like a HBAC or even a birthing center would be okay with me.  
I am 6.5 weeks and my biggest comfy pants are becoming too tight.  Not showing - just growing.
* EDD: November 5th * Name: Michelle * Age at conception / Age at delivery:  30/31 * Location: PA * How long it took to you to get your BFP: was not trying   * What number child is this for you: 3 * Family: Husband, Son-5, Daughter-4 * Baby's gender (hopes or guesses): Have the feeling baby is a girl * Names you like (& are willing to share): Ivy and Aspen * Birth plans/preferences:  HWBAC    
Does anyone know a midwife in PA (southeastern) who will attend a HWBAC?
Name: Michelle EDD: December 26, 2006 Sex of baby: I have a feeling that it's a girl.
Congratulations to all you of you mommies! We are due with our second child in late December. I am curious... Do you go to a doctor, midwife, both, or none? Are you planning on giving birth at home, hospital, or birth center? I'm planning on having a HWBAC and in the process of looking for a midwife.
Hi, my name is Michelle and I from PA. I am mommy to Sage, who is my awesome 9 month old boy, and we are expecting our 2nd child in December! I look forward to getting to know you
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