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Moose, I here you. Man, we gotta get a beer one of these days! I just finished a 2 year remodel of our house in West Seattle. It sucks now (belive me I know) but when its over and you're reading the newpaer on your front porch it'll be all the more enjoyable. SB
Scarry situation. I grew up in Seattle where, according to my wife, crime doesn't exist. But you do get alot of "crazy, white, borred, suburban, high school aged, hooligans" in the sumertime. I don't think I would ever buy/ keep a gun to defend myself from that but I sure would love to scare the crap out of the little bastard that keeps steeling my wife's car stero cover plate every sumer! SB BTW I think you did the right thing...protecting your family should be...
My wife and I disagree on when it is appropriate to take our new twins to the YMCA for a swim. Can anyone speak authoritativly on the subject of infants in pools? They are 9 weeks old and I say lets do it! Dw says no way...chlorine is bad for their skin, etc., etc. And I'm all "c'mon it'll be rad" ?...
My twins took turns crying from about 9:30 to 3:00...no joy. But my 2.5 yo was such a pleasure all day it more than made up for it! Thanks, mamas. SB
Quote: Originally Posted by Deva33mommy So if its just a dream and nothing more, I don't need to hear about it. If if he had a dream that he thought really did mean something, or he was worried it might, I'd want him to talk to me. And vice versa. What matters is your conscious thoughts and desires and actions regarding those dreams. If it becomes a regular subject arround the dinner table then I would be concerned. Otherwise I would be...
If he hates shaving every day with a razor he's not going to like the learning curve on an electric. You gotta be like Charles Bronson for one of those things...or become a Charles Bronson over a period of a couple of months.
I have a ton of looser friends too. Naw, I love 'em but they sure don't get it. I totally know what you mean. I was like the break out guy in my group of friends. The first to splice, that is...lots of my friends think its "cool", "gee thats nice" but they really don't understand. In a way they are the ones that are probably more messed up by the whole thing. I know in my group of friends there is definatly an air of desperation and lonlyness that is growing each...
Dad here, The hardest part for me was seeing my wife in so much pain and not be able to do anything about it...it was easily the most emotional event(s) of my life. And I wouldn't trade it for anything. Make him go...he'll be glad you did.
I had the same experience and remember being worried. Later, as baby B moved more to the front of my belly, I felt A less. This sounds common so dont think you should be concerned. But I know - you cant help it.
Are we really putting spanking (discipline) and tickling (amusement) on equal footing? I'm not saying tickling CAN'T be abusive. I'm sure in some instances it is. Just like eating fifty organic apples would be or anything else that is basically a good thing taken way too far. I think this kind of rhetoric does a real disservice to people who were/are in actual abusive situations.
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