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I am looking for a homeschoolers group anywhere around Hazleton, Wilkes-Barre, Kingston, Scranton, etc.  Basically, anywhere in or around Luzerne/Lackawanna county.  CHAPS is out as they want a signed faith statement.  Does anyone know of any groups?  Or is anyone interested in starting one/getting together?  I would like an inclusive group where no one is excluded based on their faith/lack there of,gender, race, etc. all types of homeschooling welcome (traditional,...
check out their website.  You can view the birthing suites.  You don't get moved around.  I really was quite pleased with my stay there.  They let you eat/drink during labor and you really do get a say.  I know they aren't supposed to let you, but the RN's and PCT's never said a word to me about having the baby in bed with me at night.
I had an awesome birth experience at Lourdes hospital in Binghamton ny.  It is about an hour from Scranton.  They have no issue with natural births, water births, etc.  They only do rooming in, dad can stay at night, bfing friendly, etc.  I love the midwives there. 
I am sorry things aren't working out for you as planned.  I am also from the Binghamton area.  I birthed at Lourdes Hospital and had a 100% natural child birth.  The midwives there were fantastic.  I went to Elaine Rosenwach and she really was fantastic.  The midwives there will support pretty much any kind of birth you want. If you want it, you got it, if you don't, you won't.   Katie (who happened to be the only midwife able to make it in during the snowstorm!  She...
me! and I hate it. It has been going on for months now.
I am 30 weeks today. My boy who will be 3 in Dec. has no plans on stopping. He nursed already 4 times today, and it is only 9 am. How am I ever going to keep up to two of them nursing all of the time? He did give me a small break by going down to 8 times a day when I had no milk- but now that I have colostrum I can't get him off of me for long intervals.
subbing... I am measuring 4-5 weeks ahead, no gestational diabetes, and not breech.
Is anyone else hating study island? My daughter hates it and I hate it just as much. It is boring and not congruent with current lessons. The math (kindy level) starts out learning shapes and patterns. Study Island math starts out with 6+5. grrrrrr
It is honestly torture for both of us. We did about 3 lessons so far. We both can't wait for it to be over.
I should ask about piano lessons instead of music as well. We have a perfectly working piano and dd does like to "play" it. The music we got for k-12 kind of well, sucks. She would enjoy playing the piano much more.
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