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Yeah, the 24 hour wait pretty much killed TAO for me too. Since that was the main forum I visited on this site, I'll just stick to other boards now.
I vote both genders can use this forum, and will PM a mod about changing the name of the forum to SAHPing.
We never actually "taught" please and thank you...we just made sure we used please, thank you, you're welcome, etc, with each other and with her. Please and Thank You were among her first words, and she's actually better at remembering to use them than we are! lol
Quote: Originally Posted by ma_vie_en_rose Ditto everything Shannie77 said. I would not buy dance shoes from Walm or Payless because their quality is not the best. You want to protect a young dancer's developing feet. For dancewear, I buy all of mine and my girls' from Discount Dance Supply online. Their prices are the best. http://www.discountdance.com/index.php For buns, I have been using the Hairagami tool to make beautiful buns that hold. You...
Okay - I'm in Germany. There are no WalMarts, and we couldn't afford the exchange rate anyway, so it pretty much has to be the internet. Also, she is signed up for one 45 minute session a week for 15 weeks, I don't think I need to be spending a fortune or anything. If she likes it and wants to intensify the lessons, we'll buy nicer shoes then. For now, I don't want to spend more than about $15.
My 3 yo will be starting ballet lessons in September. What kind of shoes should I get for her? The flier for the classes says "Students are to wear tights or socks with ballet slippers and a leotard in pink, blue or black." I will probably order them from www.allaboutdance.com, but I had no idea there was such a range of choices...does she need canvas, leather, full sole, split sole?
The only way I was able to quit during my 1st pregnancy was my DH quitting with me. The only thing that has kept me from smoking again has been his continuing sentiment that if I start again, he will too and he doesn't want to. It is hard to beat an addiction. Just take it one day at a time.
You CAN do this. Not only can you do this, this is what you were meant to do...this, the miracle of creating life, is why women are women.
Get thee to Ravelry!!! Life as you know it will never be the same.
They listed specific instructions in the directions for the small doll. Quote: Divide into two legs as foll: K5, join 2nd ball of yarn and k5. Cont working both sides at once with separate yarns as foll: Row 32 Inc 1 p st, work to last 2 sts on first half, p2tog; on 2nd half, p2tog, work to last st, inc 1 p st in last st It's basically the same technique as 2-at-a-time sleeves or magic loop.
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