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for the first time in a million years we are above the poverty line....   rejoice! (you might say)   we will probably lose our health insurance. i  cant afford the copays per month.....about 12 in total. plus deductible and premium.   but, i bought myself some $14 shoes.....thats pretty swanky. and the dogs can go to the vet.   i'll have to find my way back to the comfortable side of the poverty line before i lose my meds.....
i truly hope you make sure that this dog, who has given her everything to you....especially her trust....isn't going to be killed for being old and sick and ditched.     tell your kids the truth.
i soak mine in a tub with bac-out.....then run it through the wash. 
im in portland....my littles aren't really little anymore....youngest is 15.    mallory....the buses are pretty good, and kid friendly. you can get all the way to falmouth and biddeford.....
any update? my heart breaks for you and your pooch.....can 'we' help in any way? im a good networker with rescue groups.....
hello all.... i haven't been here in SO LONG!    still 'poor'....:lol   and i need to figure out the new board set up....   think i should do a mini-intro: mama to edie (15) and shelby (grown with 2 of her own :heart). office manager for small union electrical contractor. type 1 diabetic+ (long list of chronic diseases....) dog lover and mama, car-free bus rider, frugal, knitter, reader, repurposer.    just found out yesterday that "medicaid" will cover...
64 during the day, 58 at night.   i make sure to bake something on really cold days...:lol
good morning mamas! today im waiting for good news on a job really want....so nervous! send positive job vibes please
fried rice. that ONE carrot left, and a tiny bit of broccoli.....whatever....i throw it in. add the egg for protein....one pan super cheap meal
Quote: Originally Posted by claddaghmom IMO what's happening here is he is forcing you to go bankrupt so that you are 100% dependent on him. This is isolation and the beginning of severe abuse. this is what im reading too.
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