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Thank you! We did the garlic/olive oil twice then he was fine!
What can I do to ease an ear ache?  DS is 7.  He had influenza about 2 weeks ago, and a lingering cough since then.  Yesterday he started complaining of his ear needing to pop and everything sounding really loud.  He was holding his ear and it was obviously bothering him last night before bed.  I gave him ibuprofen and a warm compress to lay on when he went to bed.  He slept fine.  He still has similar complaints this morning, but he is still playing and acting pretty...
I know how you feel.  Except for me its feeling alone in my own house as well.  Sometimes I wish I was still blissfully ignorant.  DH asked me today, "What if I read a book that said that processed food is better.  Would you start buying junk again?  Just because someone wrote a book or an article doesn't mean its true or what we need to do."  Ughh!  Yes, I want to feel better and lose a few pounds, but my main motivation for a healthier lifestyle is him! He's obese and...
Nope...my 1st grader is 7 and he is not at that reading level yet.
I don't feel well, and I'm certain it's due to my diet.  About 2 years ago I was dieting and exercising and got down to around 145, which was a 50 pound weight loss.  I felt fantastic. My dieting started with  just counting calories, and I ate a lot of processed calorie-controlled food (lowfat yogurt, special K bars, lean cuisine entrees, etc).  I plateaued in the 160s, then started losing again when I started juicing fruits and veggies.  I typically would juice 3-4 times...
Tell me about it...why did you do it, how old were you, did it help, etc?  I am suffering from premenstrual dysphoric disorder.  I am miserable for a week of every month.  Zoloft worked fantastic for the first 3 months, but it no longer helps.  I don't know if surgery is an answer or not, and I don't want to jump into anything hastily, but I need help and am considering ALL of my treatment options.  Thanks!
I so understand where you're at!  I HATE all the pressure, eventhough I know I place it on myself.  I do have a career I like for the most part, but I do not like the stress of being the primary income for our family.  If I work extra to make a little extra then things fall apart at home.  If I don't pick up extra and things are smooth at home then we have no extra money.  We have 4 kids and I just cannot do it all!  The 2 youngest are homeschooled, my son will start his...
We are looking at classical conversations.  I'd love to hear from others who have used it.  Now I'm off to check out easy peasy - it's new to me.
Anyone here involved in a Classical Conversations community?  I'd love to hear your opinions and experiences.   Thanks!
I work 3-4 12 hour days per week.  My husband works from home.  The kids are always at home with at least one parent.  Even though I work out of the home, I still do most of the schooling - we just do it on my days off.
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