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I can definitely feel my little "bump" too, it's very exciting :)    I'm not feeling movement yet (still at 10w here) but with my last pregnancy I def felt movement at 12 weeks and I'm hoping to start feeling the baby in a couple of weeks.    It's so much fun to feel those first little flutters!  I always thought they felt like bubbles popping.   
I like Hypnobabies and use it during pregnancy and used it during early labors. The only thing I don't care for is that they tell you not to use anything else. I also use the Pink Kit and honestly would never prepare for a birth without using it. I think it goes well with Hypnobabies. The Pink Kit is all about practical skills to use during labor - skills to soften, create room, and help baby be born. There's also a lot of info on breath, touch, effective...
I was Team Green with #1. We've found out since then. I sort of want to go Team Green this time because I've struggled some with gender disappointment during pregnancy, but it's never there once I birth my baby. I'd like to just enjoy pregnancy then fall in love with my baby right away, regardless of boy or girl. But, DH wants to know and I don't think I'd be able to stand him knowing and not me! Last time we didn't tell anybody, we just found out and kept it private...
Just had a username change, could you change my name on the due date list, please :D  was Skrimpy!
I like Nova a lot, hotsauce.    We have our boy name picked out, but no girl name yet.  I have a first name I like, but DH isn't convinced.  I love the name threads, though I never feel I have enough ideas to contribute, lol!
  ITA agree with everyone - even if it's not dangerous, the rates of false positives are high during pregnancy.  My midwife advised against it during pregnancy, and waiting until around 6 months postpartum to have it done.  I hate them anyways and don't need much excuse to keep away, lol, but I think it's sensible just to wait and spare yourself the discomfort.
rebeccajm, your day sounds a lot like mine... it's really the late afternoons that I'm struggling with, too.  I was able to take a long nap yesterday while DH kept the kids quiet, and that was so heavenly!   hotsauce, I am also going to try and maintain some of my routine with weights... just to keep a baseline of strength and activity.  I'm also going to start some dancing up in the mornings.  I gained a lot with my last baby and would like to avoid that.  I gave in...
  We're in the Traverse City area, and Kathi Mulder is our mw :)
The Prenatal Cradle worked really well for me with my last pregnancy.  It's a full harness that goes over the shoulders and around the belly, but was comfortable for me to wear.  Great investment and I wish I'd ordered it sooner!
UCmama I didn't see my mw until 16 weeks last time around.    I will most likely call my midwife right after we move to the new house (about a month out from now) and just let her know that I'm pregnant.  I'll probably set up an appt. around 12 weeks to go in and talk with her.  At this point I look forward to prenatals mostly for emotional support since the self-care is pretty routine.  But I love my midwife for how she's there for me when I need to talk...
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