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I am also finding the string cheese a very easy snack right now!   I try and focus on protein snacks, and I try and eat every 2 hours because that helps keep the all-day-sickness at bay.  It's working now but my nausea tends to get worse mid-first tri, so we'll see.  I decided to get some Seabands this time around, hehe... anything to help keep it quelled while trying to move.   Anyways, snacks! String cheese Nuts Nut butters Roast beef Smoked salmon...
Hi ladies!  It's so nice to read that everyone is feeling pretty similar to me.  Well, not so nice to feel queasy, but good to read about it.  I got my first "no need to squint" positive test this morning and had major nausea this afternoon (I've been falling asleep on the couch every evening for about a week and a half but didn't think of a baby connection :p)   We are moving next month if all goes smoothly - supposed to close on our house next week!  I'm kind of...
Boogie, I have always followed the Brewer Pregnancy Diet, you can read about it at blueribbonbaby.com - it has given me healthy LO's thus far . Chris Kresser's Healthy Baby Code course also has good info but you have to buy the course to get it. For moms with multiples on board, Dr. Barbara Luke's book / website are fantastic. IMO good nutrition is critical!
Name: Kristen EDD: January 24th! #Pregnancy/baby: 6/6 Your age/age at the birth: 30 now, 30 then! Family: my amazing DH, 10yo DD, 8yo DS, 6yo DS, 3yo DS, 1yo DD... hopefully chickens, kitten, and puppy soon!! How long did it take to get your BFP: this was an unexpected BFP but we are overjoyed! Birth plans: Home birth Goals/hopes for this pregnancy: I had a very hard pregnancy with my 1yo, so I hope for a better one this time, and I will cherish every...
I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing your story and your sweet Mateo with us.
Congrats mamas! It's so exciting to see all our May babes being announced
Thank you gals! Rylee I am about done with her birth story so we can compare
thank you gals!
Honor Rebekah, born May 24th :)
Our little miss arrived just after midnight on May 24th.  She weighed in at 8lbs, 12oz for my biggest baby yet.  She was 20in long and so sweet, peaceful, and alert.   She was born at home after a labor that went from nothing to baby in my arms in just a few hours!  In some ways it was similar to my last baby's labor so I knew to get in the tub - so we had a lovely water birth.   She has a little barrel chest, bigger around than her head, so I really had to push...
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