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I am on my 5th baby and still wondering "is this labor?"  "Could that be labor starting!!??"  I just keep reminding myself that when this is IT, I will know it.  And otherwise just eat, rest, etc., knowing that as soon as I'm supposed to know, I will :p   But I had SROM with my 2nd baby and not with the others.  I felt his labor was a little more intense, but the two after him were also water births which makes a difference. As for how my three labors without...
Congrats on your little man!!  So glad you had a great birth and you're enjoying your babymoon with him :)
What a gorgeous boy!  Congratulations and enjoy your babymoon :D
She's gorgeous!!  Congratulations to you and welcome to little Aibhlinn!  Enjoy your babymoon <3
Welcome to your little miss!! Enjoy your babymoon with her :D
Congratulations on your new "little" one!  Welcome to Zephyr - enjoy your babymoon :)
I am so sorry for your loss ((hugs))
I've hit 37 weeks, too!  Definitely getting that lovely "end of pregnancy" feeling :p  Anytime you're ready baby, I am!!
Welcome to your Justus!  Sounds like both of you are troopers and you are an awesome mama to advocate for yourself and for your baby!!  Glad you are headed home to enjoy him and your babymoon :)
Congrats mama and welcome to your sweet Sadie - I love her name!  Enjoy your babymoon!
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