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For the record, I am the mom of an Autistic child, and he would probably not be described as "High Functioning" by people who like give those meaningless labels.    I would also like to point out that even if my child isn't "high functioning", I can still see past the deficits and challenges to see the gifts.  I am also one of the people who designed some of the "Autism:  Different, Not Less" shirts that the OP is talking...
I read the entire thread and was pretty much enraged by your statements escaping.  Right now I need to calm down or I am going to end up with a mod after me, because what I want to say to you would be far less calm than Lake said.
Another mom to an Autistic child who was not vaccinated until well after his dx.  I know of a few others that I met here, FTR.  
I bet that IF there is any correlation, it is because Autistic kids have poor motor planning, which can easily translate into meaning that breastfeeding is difficult for them, which leads moms who don't have hours upon hours of time to breastfeed to switch to formula feeding, or at the very least pumping and feeding (and if your kid doesn't stimulate quick milk production, that can be really challenging to maintain an all-breastmilk diet on pumping alone...again, a huge...
And I have met a lot of attachment parents, with no birth interventions, with natural home births, non-vaccinated (at least for many years, although a lot of us went on to vaccinate years after the Autism dx when Wakefield was found to be a fraud, with zero change in behavioral/mental status at all) with organic food, cloth diapered, baby wore, who breastfeed for years and yet, once again, STILL Autistic.  I met them here on Mothering in fact.  Genetic, Genetic, Genetic.  
Breastfed for 5.5 years.  Still Autistic. Breastfed the younger one for 3.5 years.  Not Autistic. (speech delayed, but in a "needed speech therapy to help be more articulate" way, not a language delay)   Breastfeeding does not cure Autism.  Breastfeeding helps brains, helps attachment, helps health, it even helps with speech (because of the way it works muscles) but saying it "cures Autism" is one heck of a misinformed leap.
You should get a shirt or blanket with the state law on it to help fend off the people who aren't supporting you.  http://www.cafepress.com/articulatepixelsdesign/9452250 I know I got hassled a lot, but it was still worth it.
Even ABA therapy for Autism isn't "sit and drill" for a kid that age (heck, for any age that I have seen) if the SLP is anything other than totally backwards.  We had some ABA based therapy, and it was still very play based and fun for my kid.  There are still some old-school stagnant people out there, but most SLPs aren't going to that.  Now that my son is 10yo there is some desk work, but it is still done in a way that engages him and is completely age...
Speech Therapy is not about drilling the kid for an hour a day.  It isn't even close to that, or at least it certainly wasn't in our experience.  It is about getting processes set up that makes the day go smoother, learning what supports you can put in place to help reduce frustration and learn things.     If you are fine with your kids going to other specialists, why are you resistant to them seeing an SLP and/or OT for services?  For our family it was less like...
And being afraid of labels...I was too.  So much, that when I was interviewed about my child for a magazine, that is what they focused on in the article. http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-7257
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