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some babies just love to suck on binkies. DS it worked wonders on his happiness. he gave his up (by himself) around 16 months. he only liked it at night, but one night he said 'no! i don't want that!' and we were done. DD it only helps calm her down when she is super overtired and freaking out. she doesn't sleep with it, and doesn't use it all day unless she has a melt down. it gets us over the hump of screaming fits!! in my opinion, if your little guy is still...
oh dear! we have ALL been there! first, find some help to get you through some post-partum depression. yes, it can come on this late, and/or still be with you. i find going to the library was the best move i made with the baby. the librarians usually know lots of the local baby groups so you could find other moms, and story hour is a good way to bond with baby. it sounds like you and DH need to find some alone time. hire a babysitter and have dinner. or just...
i love the MOST! we go there when we go to syracuse. also, the zoo is a nice diversion.
norah has me run ragged. she is sleeping lousy (i think a combo of teeth plus developmental milestones zipping past) and i know this phase will be over so soon. i'm sad my baby will be big, but also so happy my baby will be big! : may all our babies sleep through the night soon.
yup. sounds like a little rash. a nice tub soak always helped my ds red bits. followed by a little diaper cream. good luck!
yes, it's exhausting NOW (as i go through the velcro baby phase for the second time) but i can see how happy and independant my three year old is, i know it's all worth it! i highly second the babywearing suggestion. and the excersaucer is great! it's not bad for baby to play by herself for a little while, and if she can still see/hear you, it still counts! don't worry about it. my babes are in the excersaucer when i cook, and i hand them spoons, zuchinni peels,...
oof. here too. feeling your pain!
i'm with d's mama. if the little tyke can get a peice of food, i say go for it! i started ds that way at 5 months (he was SO ready!) and he is a great eater today at almost three years old. dd is 9 months old, and started solids more slowly at 6.5 months with sweet potatoes, but really loves to feed herself now. good luck!
my boy was "boo squeaker" which has been replaced by the first syllable of his name. my girl is the first syllable of her name, twice. "nor-nor"
sure, i've experienced negative feedback for co-sleeping. i usually let someone else bring it up, or change the subject. it's realy nobody's business what goes on in my bed ya know? besides, i think ALL parents have let their kids sleep in the bed at one time or another. be well,
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