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when they can figure out how to play with them! could be awhile....
i'm a big fan of "gripe water!" from the pharmacy!
chatham co-op http://www.realfoodnetwork.org/real-food-coop.html and Family Resource Centers http://www.familyresourcecenterscc.org/ you'll find a bunch of friendly crunchy ap parents at both!
yeah that!
the boy grazes. he sits at table for some family meals. it works well 4 us
daily here on toast with jam! lucky boy!
hmm. any indentation with unknown cause i would have double checked out.
it's ok! this is a great place to vent! i am happy for you to have a happy healthy babe now. feel your awesome sense of accomplishment for this! : and try & go easy on yourself
music works great for us, and ds has been begging to go on picnics (it's still in the 40's here at lunch time!) good luck!
absolutely yes! i would. but it's what you feel comfortable with that counts most!
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