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we had homemade carrot cake with cream cheese frosting as a treat. we did his favorite things - went to the sheep farm to look at lambs - we had a picnic for lunch - played in the sand box. he had a great day!
new york state museum there's a free carousel! and a subway sandwich shop right next to it. i hear good things about schenectady museum, but i've never been there. outside of town, there are sugar houses making maple syrup, just look in the paper. http://timesunion.com/ and pick up a free paper called 'metroland' most things are geared for the college crowd, but you'll get ads for good cheap eats! have fun!
we've been dishing up less food so our DS has to ask for more, rather than chucking a bunch of food. maybe a library book would help?
love all the burts bees baby products!
i think you have a perfectly normal kid there. sounds like she is just focusing on one thing at a time. btw, both my babies liked staring at mr. cactus before anything else. ok so it's 6 feet tall and covered in xmas lites. i stare at it too!
yup, agreed, you rock! and you obviously deserved (and needed) the sleep!
when i had one baby, i pushed him almost daily in the baby jogger on our back-country dirt roads. now with a baby and a 2 year old? this winter has been lousy for exercise. sure i play hard with the boy, but it's not quite the walking regime i had before. i actually checked out the ymca, but my excercie buddy and i need to go in the afternoon, and guess what? no childcare those hours, so i guess i have to wait two more months to go outside and play. : blech.
i would encourage you to lsten to your gut when parenting your own children. suggest to your parental units that this is how i want to parent my kids, and that you will thank them to respect that. it sounds like your mom was at least keeping her mouth shut until dad started questioning it. maybe talk to them separately if it really bugs you, instead of trying to take them both on at the same time. you have a life - and it now includes two little people who need...
my vote too - whatever works!
definitely get a shoe with more sole! we went to our local shoe store (yes! they still exist!) and got a nice shoe that went from the garden to church.
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