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The Kennedy Space Center is fantastic.
Dd2 started responding to simple requests at around 13 months--again, as most have said, if she felt like it. She's 19 months now and really pretty amazing in that department...except when she doesn't feel like it. Now, though, the refusal feels more intentional, iykwim.
Quote: Originally Posted by MissMaegie'sMama If I paid a provider an above average wage to care for my children in her home, I would expect her to provide a healthy snack. Some parents are more comfortable providing their own snacks, and there's nothing wrong with controlling what your kids eat while they're at the provider's place. However, if it's a case of the provider not wanting to provide a snack at that price point, then I think a parent has the...
Sounds normal to me. At least based on my own experience. Things do get better...though at almost 6, dd still has days like this. I put myself in timeout, usually in the garage (comfy old recliner) whenever I want to lock dd1 up.
We'll be home. May try to gather friends (or more than we've already invited - a couple we're close to). The oven is small so I'm considering one of those counter top roaster thingies like my grandmother had (on sale at Sears!) so I don't have to cook one thing at a time. If the weather's good, and it should be, we'll spend part of the day/weekend at the beach or flying kites; maybe go to the zoo. Dh and I tend to avoid Black Friday shopping, ever since we drove 45...
Honestly, after 9 days of it I'd be calling the pediatrician with this question.
I'd call for help. If nothing else, you may be able to get some strategies to either head it off or stop it sooner--even if the behavior is within normal bounds. But really, it doesn't sound as if it is. Trust your gut.
I have no problems with teens trick-or-treating. Oh, and dd1's thing--two years running--is to TOT for an hour, which is how long it takes to do our street, then hang out waiting for "customers" at home. The older kids and teens who come a little later in the evening got a kick out of being served by a 6 yo. ETA - I'm pretty sure that most of the kids, young and old, who come to the house are neighborhood kids, mostly from our street. They're in costume and nicely...
I've "done" England with a 3-1/2 year old while 6 weeks pregnant. Cotswolds, Lake Distrtict, London. There's a great guide (which I read and then forgot to bring) called "Take the Kids England." Lots of good information on kid-friendly restaurants, parks, attractions, etc. Cotswold Farm Park was fantastic. In London, among other things, you can catch a canal boat that will take you from Little Venice to Camden Market, with an optional stop off at the...
I'm 46. I've been thinking about a first tattoo as well. Think I know what I want...and where...and which artist. Just have to figure out how much it will cost, which of course requires actually going to the shop or making a call to the shop.
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