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This is great, thank you!
We've just moved to Florida from Vancouver, Canada and I'm trying to decide if hs'ing is the route to go. I think we'd love hs'ing but just don't know where to start. What's the first thing I should do, if we start to hs? I'm thinking that I'd like to use some sort of program but also be able to wing-it at times. So, thanks for replying and I will look up those websites for ideas. Also, reading some of the posts here are a really big help. Thanks again.
Just wondering if there are any Canadian families homeschooling in the US? Do you follow the Canadian or American curriculumn? We've relocated from Canada to the US for two years and ds has been in school till now. He should be starting grade 5 for the upcoming school year. How do you start homeschooling?
I'm so glad that everything turned out so well. I had you in my thoughts too. Cuddle up and have a really good nurse.
The stomache flu has been hitting all the little kiddies all over the place. We had it over Christmas but I heard it's still going around. That's probably what your little sweetie has. Definitely reschedule.
Levar, Chelsea thanks for the info. The info. that was sent to me mentions nothing about being accredited with AMS or AMI. Their curriculum covers practical life, sensorial, language, math, culture and arts. They provide organic snacks and also offer yoga. French and mandarin language programs are optional. As for the classroom, I'd need to see how the classroom looks, what sort of materials are used and how the children work. I'm hoping to be able to visit...
I'm going to be visiting some Montessori classrooms for ds (4.5 yr) for Sept. 2002. I want to know what you like and don't like about the Montessori schools your dd/ds are attending and also what I should be looking for and what questions should I ask? I know I'm doing this a little late but I'm counting on you Montessori mamas for some info and insight.
I really try not to. I make a 'toilet swish' using essential oils and I don't dread the task quite so much. I posted it under 'Vinegar' awhile back. O.K., here are the dirty details. I spritz my toilet swish all over (inside/outside/topside), I brush around then flush and brush some more. i put the brush back into it's holder, I figure it's been rinsed once I flush. I use toilet paper to wipe off the rim and I sponge off the rest of the toilet. I don't usually...
In Canada, at least here in Vancouver, there are family bathrooms or wheelchair accessible bathrooms almost everywhere we go. But definitely, ds does not go ANYWHERE without me. I'm too paranoid, My dad always says 'Safety First!' Merebear, I know a family with 3 dd's and a very involved dad. When he was out with his dd's and they were in need of bathroom facilities, he'd knock loudly on the door and say very loudly 'I'm coming in with my dd's.' I don't think he...
Hi Boobykinmamma. I feel like I'm butting in here - sorry about that. Hi Smilemomma, Dh had not been to a dentist in too many years and I finally persuaded (in a very sneaky way but w/lot's of loving intent) him to see my new dentist. Anyways, he's had a year's worth of cleanings, scaling and root planings (11 altogether). He has an appt. next month to see about wisdom teeth extraction and whatever else might need taking care of. I haven't heard anything about...
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