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So sorry, Mama.
I'm definitely 'showing' at 8.3 w, but it's really just baby pushing my belly fat out. I have only a couple yoga pants that still fit. I foresee a lot of maxi dresses in my future.
Well, my morning sickness finally kicked in. Yesterday I was complaining about it and my lovely husband reminded me how anxious I was to get it :/   I hope it stops around nine weeks! I'm 8.3 w today :)
42, and I'll be 43 in August 
We call them faux bros instead of uncle/nephew. 3LilChunklins, he'll start asking for more drinks when he needs it. Mine already asks for water during the night. I keep a sippy cup for him on the bedside table.
Baked potatoes. I think it's the magnesium.
I'm 42 and my birthday is in August.
Hi Wendy! We were in our last DDC together! I may have been going by Itsasecret because my DD was in a DDC, as well, and I didn't want her to 'see' me.      I'm due Nov. 27th, but I usually go a week late, so I think I may hang out in both clubs. I had a MC in January, so I am on progesterone supps and trying not to worry. This will be number 8 for me, Lord willing.
I always look for a due date calculator that has a length of cycle option. My LMP was Feb. 17th, too, but I have 31 day cycles. My EDD is November 27th.
btmama, I'm still here :)   I've been kind of distant because I'm waiting for symptoms to kick in. I'm 6w 1d and I've had a few bouts of nausea, a few cravings, and I'm starving today. The last two nights I had to get up to pee. All good signs. 
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