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42, and I'll be 43 in August 
We call them faux bros instead of uncle/nephew. 3LilChunklins, he'll start asking for more drinks when he needs it. Mine already asks for water during the night. I keep a sippy cup for him on the bedside table.
Baked potatoes. I think it's the magnesium.
I'm 42 and my birthday is in August.
Hi Wendy! We were in our last DDC together! I may have been going by Itsasecret because my DD was in a DDC, as well, and I didn't want her to 'see' me.      I'm due Nov. 27th, but I usually go a week late, so I think I may hang out in both clubs. I had a MC in January, so I am on progesterone supps and trying not to worry. This will be number 8 for me, Lord willing.
I always look for a due date calculator that has a length of cycle option. My LMP was Feb. 17th, too, but I have 31 day cycles. My EDD is November 27th.
btmama, I'm still here :)   I've been kind of distant because I'm waiting for symptoms to kick in. I'm 6w 1d and I've had a few bouts of nausea, a few cravings, and I'm starving today. The last two nights I had to get up to pee. All good signs. 
I've had BC, HB, Hospital, HB, HB, HB, Hospital. My midwife in Texas was amazing. When we moved here to Missouri, of course I searched out a MW. She was well-recommended and answered all my questions the right way, but turned out to be extremely medically minded. Her assistant pulled my uterus out when 'delivering' the placenta. I went with an OB at the hospital for my next birth. He was awesome. Totally relaxed, took his time at appointments, and completely hands off...
I'm nursing my 2yo ds. He just turned 2. My others weaned at around 15wks in my pregnancies because I lost my milk. It's just beginning to hurt when he nurses now, so I imagine the chewed glass feeling will be along shortly.    My oldest dd nursed through her first pregnancy. She had a surprise BFP when her baby was only two months old. She managed to nurse through the whole pregnancy and is still tandem nursing. (She's 23 and yes, I am a pregnant grandmother :)...
I've had a few cravings over the last few days. Baked potatoes are the big one now. I wonder if I need magnesium?    Smokering, when we went off gluten for awhile I bought rice noodles at the health food store. They're packaged like Ramen and have yummy seasoning choices but NO MSG. They're a darn good substitute.    Something like this:   http://www.lotusfoods.com/Jade-Pearl-Rice-Ramen-with-Miso-Soup/p/LOT-601021
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