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We were living in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia at the time. It was almost the end of my work day, and Mrs Briss called me with the news. We had been planning on attending a back to school night at our children's school that night; the school event was cancelled. We had been receiving warnings from the embassy all summer long that a big terrorist attack was expected. We were surprised that the attacks were inside the US.
Life on Mars is back on tonight, 28 January, at 9 pm Central. Watch it now, before they cancel it!
Mrs Briss wore a purple and black lace vintage dress, with steel-toed engineer boots! Our 24th anniversary is next week! :
2008 was an absolute crap year for me, too. I broke my ankle, which required surgery to repair. My daughter crashed our car. My lovely cat Sophie got feline pneumonia and died. My retirement portfolio got torched. Not as bad as some folks, but plenty bad for me. Good riddance to 2008. :
Merry Christmas and Happy Nude Year! :
UK series, David Brent: I'd say that at one time or another every man in the office has woken up at the crack of Dawn. US series, Michael Scott: Yeah, at one time or another every guy in the office has sprayed on Pam.
Good grief, has no one else been to Playa Del Carmen? We spent a few days in PDC, 18 long years ago, as part of a three week trip around the Yucatan and Belize. It's probably nothing like I remember, and there have been a few hurricanes since we were there, but it's a very pleasant little town, with a great beach, and you can do snorkeling right off the beach. I still swear I saw Gene Hackman in PDC, in a red VW Bug. You should really try to take a day trip to the...
The British version of LoM is one of my favorite, favorite shows of all time. The American version is not nearly as good, but I still like to watch it, because I like to see what they change and what they leave the same. The American show will be back on January 28th with new episodes. Don't get too attached to this show, I don't think it will be around beyond the first season. Do get the British show if they ever release it here. My region 2 DVDs of both seasons...
The length won't matter, if you color it blue-black.
The good name of Palin has been tainted by that lady with the northern exposure who is in the news a lot now.
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