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my kids are 28 months apart......it was a challenge in the begining because my oldest was still a baby herself, but it gets easier as they get older
id suggest a radian 80! should be the last carseat he needs assuming you want him to remain harnessed as long as possible!
im just stumbling apon this now! im also in upstate NY!!!
the symptoms that you two ladies decsribe are CLASSIC IC warning signs. I totally understand not wanting a invasive procedure to be diagnosed but the problem is there is no other way to diagnose IC. I had a cysto/hydro under Iv medications to diagnose mine in 2006. Yes its was less than a fun recovery for my but the hydra did buy me a good 6 months of a pain free bladder. The best thing you can do is eliminate all irritating food from your diet (for me anything with...
hi! im also in Syracuse!
thank you everyone for your advice and suport. We hve decided to not bring our oldest dd to the funeral because i don't think i would be able to keep myself composed enough to answer her important questions.
My grandfather passed away early this morning. He had been in a nursing home since october, and i took the girls up there a few times to see him, but he has passed on now and i'm not really sure how to explain death to my almost 4 year old. I'm a mess myself but i'm worried that if i don't explain to her she will think that she will die the next time she gets sick. Also should i bring her to the funeral and church service? My mil said she would take her for a few days...
we love our radian.....it's in my SUV with a rear facing graco comfortsport next to it for dd2 and i still have room for a 3rd person in the back (and i have had 3 kids in my backseat several times!) DD2 will get a radian when she is ready for forward facing because the graco fits better in better rear facing than the radian would (its super tall)
sweet! here is to hoping there is an outlet in there for you! maybe you can talk them into a cify chair too! my boss at work set up a nice pumping station in our HUGE bathroom at my part time job (i work at aerie, in the mall) and it came in handy where there were 3 of us pumping! I just felt bad for people who actually needed to use the potty while we were in there. FYI i only work with girls, and the bathroom is HUGE because we do not have a storage closet!
i work in a bra and undie store so i spend all night checking out boobs.....it's just part of my job....but if you had been talking about a super deal you got on a bra she would look at your boobs too!
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