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A few other natural/chemical-free sofa places: http://www.greenerlifestyles.com/products.html http://www.furnature.com/ http://eco-terric.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=frontpage&Itemid=1
I will occasionally puree some of them (carrots and greens like parsley, not onions and garlic) and add the puree to bread dough. I'll be watching for other ideas!
First off, I have to say that this really doesn't sound bad at all to me for an occasional dinner!   OP, I hear your pain. I had to just give up worrying about it and decide that DS would eat when he wanted. He's gotten much less picky since about age 6 or so. I think ages 3-5 were the worst of it, and I think I've heard that those ages are pretty common for peak pickiness, so maybe your DS2 will soon start to be a bit more open to new foods...   Main dishes that DS will...
Our lawyer told us that we should most definitely name one person, not a couple - for reasons of divorce, deaths, etc. She said that she saw a case where a couple was named as guardian, one of the couple died, and then the child's birth family (relatives of the deceased parents) then successfully sued for custody, causing more upheaval for the child.   She told us to name one person, then name a second (and a third if you want) as back ups.
Well, honestly, if someone had loaned me baby gear, I wouldn't expect to give it back when my babe was still two-months old unless they'd specifically told me that they needed it back soon. Instead, I'd think that what they'd loaned me is stuff that they weren't using with their own kids right now, and that I could use until my babe was past that age. That's how it's always worked in my circle - you loan out your baby stuff and a friend uses it until her child outgrows...
Quote: Originally Posted by nextcommercial So, I made two phone calls. One to CPS, they said "You can not even imaging how many K****** G******** we have in our system, at least 1000 with that name." I told her what I could, and she said she'd do her best, but it would be very hard without a birth date or address of a foster home. Then, I called the nearest grade school. They have only a few kids by that name, and none of them are in foster care. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by rainbow_mandala I get what you all are saying, but the confusing part is...why didn't she ask me for it when we were living there and why didn't she just come by and get it when we were living nearby for 4 months after that?... So what? It's her bowl that you took. Why she did or didn't ask for it back earlier is not relevant. She's asked for it back now; you've acknowledged that you took it without permission, and...
Yes, go ahead and send it! The family will appreciate knowing that their gift mattered enough to write a note. So says rainyday who now thinks less of ds's teacher last year since she never sent a thank-you note to acknowledge our very generous end-of-year gift last June.
This may be a regional thing, but around here it's really uncommon to drink beer out of a can. I can't remember the last time I saw it even. Everyone seems to buy bottles here, so I guess they'd need the bottle cozies. That being said, I don't see those either, but maybe they're more common at things like football games (that I don't go to)? But for a beer in the backyard, it's pretty much always just beer in a normal, uncovered bottle.
Thanks for all the ideas! I'm having fun browsing them. Any others?
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