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I have a bad habit of letting some of the, um, less desirable leftovers hang out in the fridge way too long. And then I have an even worse habit of sometimes throwing out the whole container when I find something unidentifiable in the back of the fridge. I'm normally the Queen of Recycling, but somehow I just can't bring myself to open some of those containers and deal with the contents. The very idea of opening them indoors and letting all those mold spores and bacteria...
Quote: Originally Posted by AFWife A friend of mine shared this like with me: http://www.shelterpop.com/2010/04/30...n-confessions/ I thought we could do it MDC style. Confess something about your kitchen/house! - I don't wash my coffee pot regularly. I rinse with water until it's clear and then make coffee... I only ever wash it with soap if we go away for vacation and forget to dump the extra coffee before we go...Then soap is...
Thank you!!!! Do you leave it uncovered while you're getting it going? I guess you'd have to so it can catch wild yeasts, so maybe that's a silly question! How do you know when your starter has gotten really active and won't need extra yeast? I'm a total novice at this! I'm sorry about your lost starter! I can't imagine the distress of having an established one that you like and know what to expect from, and then losing it like that.
The only thing I'm left wondering is what on earth took you so long? I hate it when people can't be bothered to get out of their cars and instead honk and annoy everyone around them! I'd have been out there on about day 3 when I realized it was going to be an ongoing issue!
Yep, yellow. But not a pale, butter yellow - I think a deeper or brighter yellow would be good. But not schoolbus yellow! Red would have been my first choice, but with your couch issue, yellow would be nice!
I guess the title says it all! I've really been wanting to get a starter going, but I'm not really sure how to go about it. I've read very contradictory advice online, so I'd kind of like to hear the btdt experience of you wise mamas!
I love thunderstorms (but they scare me too). I'm a procrastinator. I smile on a regular basis. I love enjoying good food. I usually stay up later than I should. I'm on MDC and Facebook too much. (I'm starting to feel like bluebirdiemama's twin here) My SO is my best friend. I want another baby. I'm super happy to see the sun. I love summer! I love sheets that have been dried outside. I wish I could play an instrument.
Let's see. Yesterday ds had: Breakfast: oatmeal (made with milk instead of water) with brown sugar, glass of milk Snack: cheese, whole wheat sourdough toast, small handful pumpkin seeds (maybe 1.5 tablespoons?), water Lunch: Spanish tortilla (basically fried potatoes and scrambled eggs, cooked without stirring - probably about 1 egg's worth plus about 1/4 cup of potatoes), asparagus, strawberries, milk. He might have had another slice of toast with this, but I'm not...
Quote: Originally Posted by ssh Call corporate and complain. Have the tracking number off the package ready. That can tell them exactly who delivered it. It might help. UPS has so much competition customer service is important. Would you really call to complain about this? Yes, it's annoying, but really? And like someone else pointed out, there are plenty of people who will call and complain if they didn't hear the delivery arrive, so I kind of...
I'm cracking up that he thought frog's leg was a more reasonable interpretation! I mean, if you were in France, maybe frog leg would be more typical? But in Illinois? I just don't see it as the Illinois state dish, ya know? Oh, and to mamalisa. I don't think we flip each other (well, not usually!) but playing charades of any sort is an invitation for us to get really ticked at how the other one just doesn't get it!
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