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The 6 month thing is already outdated. There is no reason to wait if the baby shows interest in food and has the required head and trunk control, and a lot of babies do show readiness as young as 4 months. And drinking from your cup is a clear sign of readiness and interest.
It depends on when the baby actually arrives. My mom is a school teacher and she is going to come and supervise my "confinement", but she is not available until June 16. So if the baby gets here closer to her June 3 due date, I'll have to supervise my own confinement for 2 weeks until she can come. DH gets 2 weeks off from work though, so it should be ok. We're going to ask for no visitors until my mom gets here anyway. Because we will not be doing much around the house...
I got my meter and test strips today to do a week of monitoring after my normal meals instead of doing the glucose challenge. It's kind of fun actually.
We're going to call our parents and text a couple of friends when we go to the hospital, but I am not going to have visitors in the room until after I've had a shower. I am on the fence as to whether MIL will be in the room while I'm in labor, but hopefully she won't want to be in there. Hopefully she'll wait to drive down until she hears the baby is born. 
I started feeling signficantly better around 23 weeks, and now at 26 weeks I haven't need zofran in a few days. But I still get nauseous in the evenings or if I push myself too hard.
I am not doing the drink for sure, but I am finding out tomorrow what my options are. I am going to offer that I test at home for a week instead. I think it is worthwhile to be screened for GD, but I can't handle the drink.
Wow. I would not do that. Vitamin A in high doses is toxic and can be fatal.
I have a hard time with fluids in general and I was advised that as long as my urine is light enough and I am not swelling, having headaches, hard contractions, or otherwise feeling dehydrated that 32 or so ounces was enough for me. But each person has to find their right amount. I do feel better if I can push up to 40 ozs but then I suffer from not being able to eat enough food.
After a rough Christmas Eve, I actually felt pretty good on Christmas Day. Of course on Christmas Eve I went to bed at 9pm and slept 12 straight hours. I always feel better if I get lots of rest. 17 weeks now, and starting to have more good days than bad ones. Especially since I have this resting thing figured out. I don't know when I'll get off the nausea meds though. I still really need them in the evenings - so no driving for me for at least another 2 weeks. (1 week...
  Weeks/Days along: 16w2d Appointments: No more until Jan 5 Symptoms: Still dealing with nausea. Starting to figure it out though I think.  Food: Popcorn. I'm not totally sure, but I think popcorn is magic food. Exercise: Not really. I try a few things here and there, but I am still to worn out from the nausea. Body changes and other milestones: Not quite popped yet, but starting to look pregnant. Thoughts: I am enjoying more and more moments each day....
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